Penang Time Square Haven Delights @ Main Dishes Chapter

This post is continued from Penang Time Square Haven Delights @ Starter, Drinks And Dessert Chapter. On the last chapter I have introduced the starters, drinks and also the desserts of Haven Delights at Penang Time Square, this round would be on the main courses of Haven Delights.

This is the buffet corner for those who prefer to savour the many dishes from the menu rather than just a few ala cartes.

Cheers to all my readers.

Japanese Yaki Udon (RM12), normally bonito flakes are sprinkled over the udon and the effect of the hot steam from the udon made the bonito flakes moving here and there as if the bonito flakes are dancing in front of you, MY FOOD is Dancing. Not only it has an impressive presentation, the taste is nice as well. The udon is cooked with their secret Japanese which is sour and salty sauce with a slight taste of sweetness. It is indeed one of my highly recommended dishes.

Chicken Ban Ban (RM10). Fusion Japanese fried chicken with egg in Chef’s special mayo sauce. Big chunks of batter fried chicken meat topped with crispy fried egg white and seaweed strips. The dish is complete with 3 types of sauces which are mayonnaise, wasabi mayonnaise and spicy sweet sauce. It is another thumbs-up selection by me as it has the perfect combination of sauces on the crispy fried chicken. However, the Chef should consider the consistency of preparing this food as the placing of the food layout does make a difference to the taste.

Hong Kong Fried Rice (RM10),  the fried rice which is covered with a thin layer of chicken floss with some cashew nuts. It is an indeed a simple yet tastes good dish as it has a strong fried pan taste (Wok Hei in Cantonese). For those that prefer simple and filling dish this would be the option as the portion given is sufficiently filling for the price that you paid.

Kimchi Fried Rice (RM10), Korean style fried rice with juicy kimchi slices. The taste of the fried rice with kimchi is excellent with a slight sour and spicy touch. The Chef manages to maintain the juiciness of the kimchi, which is really great. However, the consistency of cooking this dish by the Chef had been a concern to me as during the first time I ordered this dish it was too spicy where the kimchi paste and pepper had over powered the rice and other ingredients. However, this time it is far much better which has a more acceptable level of spiciness.

Soft Shell Crab (RM12), two whole soft shell crabs were deep fried to crunchiness with their secret Japanese spicy sauce which blended well with the soft shell crabs. The taste is incredible and is highly recommended.

Red Dragon Prawn with Jammy Sauce (RM35), Fried prawns and white dragon fruit in jammy sauce. The jammy sauce is slightly spicy like curry and is mixed with orange crush like “sunquick”. The jammy sauce is used to cook the battered prawns and also the ball-like white dragon fruit. The taste is very unique and appetising. The presentation of this dish is slightly out compared to my previous visit. It would be great if they could maintain the standard like before.

Motoyaki Scallop (RM14). Grilled scallops with homemade spicy mayo sauce. Scallop lovers should not miss this dish. I personally love the richness of the mozarella cheese with the tabasco sauce and thousand island type of cream placed on top of the scallops. I was told by the chef that a couple had ordered 50 plates of this dish which you could imagine the seduction of its taste.

Korean Beef Kimchi (RM16) – Fried homemade kimchi with beef slices. As usual the taste of the kimchi is very juicy which I believe is their custom-made instead of “OEM”. The tenderness of the beef is just nice and it actually blends well with the kimchi. This dish really beats most of the Korean Restaurants in Penang.

Lamb Teriyaki (RM18) – Grilled lamb with herbs in homemade sweet sauce. The lamb has sweet and slightly grilled-burnt taste, I am not a great fan of lamb, however the way this dish is prepared was slightly over-cooked on one side whereas the other side was not. The presentation is gorgeous but there is still room for improvement for this dish.

Homemade Spicy Chicken (RM15) – Fried chicken with homemade spicy sauce. The fried chicken pieces, chopped fermented black beans, red chilies, garlic, spring onions, curry leaves and sesame seeds were cooked in thick, sweet and spicy gravy. This is a great selection for the spicy lovers, it is definitely better than the usual fried chicken.

Shanghai Honey Spare Ribs (RM18) – Fried spare ribs with honey sauce. The display of this dish is nice but the taste is just average. The meat is too salty and the texture of the meat is abit hard. Maybe my expectation is too high on this dish.

Chef’s Special Surprise:

Fried Tempura Maki, it is an innovative creation by the executive chef himself. Usually Maki is just a usual roll but this one the maki is being fried which makes the outer layer crunchy. It is delicious and I am coming back for this.

Tempura Cheese Maki. Another surprise dish by the executive chef. The mildly burnt tempura unagi roll topped with creamy Mozarella cheese was wonderful. The roll is similar to fried tempura maki but this has an extra coat of melted cheese to make the roll smoother with a cheesy smell.

Chicken Bomb, with slices of chicken meat on the outer layer and mashed salmon on the inner side. The presentation is good which is served with a blue flame beside. However the spicy and thyme enhanced flavour of the mashed salmon somehow did not match well with the fibre texture of the chicken meat. It not my cup of tea.

Hong Kong Style Wan Tan Mee. The taste of the wan tan mee is the classical usual style from Hong Kong. The wan tan are as big as knuckles and are really juicy. The ingredients in the wan tan are fresh prawns, minced meat and water chesnut. It is the real taste of Hongkie-style wan tan. For those who want to have a taste of the real Hongkie style noodle, save your air ticket to Hong Kong and dine here instead.

After the review sesson, we had a good chat with the executive chef, Edwin Teo. It was a great sharing session with him as we gave him our opinions over the food while he explained to us on the preparation of the food.

Overall, most of the food are up to excellent standard although there are still room for improvement for some. The portion provided are mostly value for money especially the buffet-style dining. Presentation wise, all of them are attractive which are up to the standard of fine-dining but at a lower price. Another thing that makes me want to revisit this place is the friendly service by their customer service executive. I really hope they will maintain their smile and generous service.

Editor’s Review (5 Stars Rank):

Food Presentation

Quick Facts:

Family Friendly
Pork Free
Credit Card

Operation hours: 10.30am-11.00pm (7 days a week)
Contact: 604-210 8855, 604-210 8856 (Mr. Ng/ Miss Angie)
Address:HAVEN DELIGHTS @ Penang Times Square, 77-L1-34, Jalan Dato Kramat, 10150 Penang, Malaysia.

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  1. Aiks.. how come you got soft shell crab one? I want la… i like soft shell crab .. 😛
    The fried tempura maki looks crunchy . yum yum..

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  3. Hey, I think you should have separated your own visit and this invited review lah. If not, confusing. Btw, I heard ‘Criz’ talking at the background uh for that bonito flakes video?! :p

  4. Steven! Great entry!!! I love this place, and I love your in-depth review of its food and ambience. And now, I’m wanting to get on a plane right away to go to Penang! If I fly to KL, about how much RM will it cost me to fly to Penang?

    Don’t worry, I will bring some fine red wine w/ me, I always do when I travel! 😀


    – Sergio

  5. Sergio, from KL to Pg with AirAsia it only cost RM70+ per trip only. You can come here any time and I will bring you around.:) hope to see you soon.

  6. Thanks Steven! I’ll surely make a plan to go to Malaysia sometime soon! 😉

    Especially, the food most definitely looks very delicious! 😀

    I will contact you when my plans are set. Thanks. 🙂

    – Sergio

  7. NKOTB, when u want to go there let me know I got the discount card to there.

    Allie, the soft shell crab is the order that I had made a week before the official review with family.

    Cariso, pai seh I thought the more dishes the review will become more complete.

    Gill, wat to do have to got all in one dee.

    Ken, my skill compete with them is the master and rookie where I am the 2nd one.

    BBO, glad to know you. Hope to review the food with you again.

    Mary, hope to see u soon.

    Selba, u come here I will order a dozen for you :).

    Gourmand Extraordina, Penang time square is up and running but not as complete yet but as for Haven Delights, they are fully equipped and operation.

    Sergio, hope to see you here.

  8. Steven, I’ve checked. But not sure why you are not able to leave a comment in my latest post. :p
    Btw, what browser are you using?

  9. yea you got me confused too…wondering how come we sit at the same table but you seem to have more food 😛
    nice review though 🙂

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  12. Haven Delight is temporary closed until further notice. It will be back when the Foodmall in Penang Times Square start.

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