Delicious Penang Food @ Classical Curry Mee, Air Itam

If you asked the people who live in Air Itam on what are the best food around, they will surely tell you the famous laksa at the market place, the Indian noodle near the roundabout and also the curry mee beside the bridge – “Kio Kar Curry Mee”. There is no specific address or telephone number for reservation, this place is truly a hawker-stall style.

The stall is located under a big tree shade and you will see people sitting by the roadside or even squatting there for a bowl of delicious curry mee.

The stall is run by 3 old ladies aged between 60-70 years old. Whenever I see them it makes me recall my granny who has passed away many years ago. Sometimes I wonder why are they still selling curry mee even at this retiring age. Anyway, I have confirmed with my friends who live nearby that they are working for their own interests. How I wish I could be as energetic as these aunties when I reach their age.

This stall started selling curry mee few decades back. It is estimated that the stall existed for more than twenty years. The curry soup is cooked by using charcoals, this way it will keep the soup consistently warm while the vaporization is slowered.

The 3 aunties are segregating their tasks among each other. One is preparing the noodle, the other is putting in the ingredients, while another one pours in the soup. Usually they will encourage self-service for faster turnaround. If you required them to serve to your table, you will need to wait abit longer.

Another thing to remember is to check your money whenever you receive the change from them as they might give you extra money in return. Like my case, I paid RM10 for 2 bowls of curry mee and the aunty gave me RM14.50 in return. Which of course I gave the money back to her and informed her that she will go bankrupt if I come to eat every day.

The main ingredients of this classic curry mee include noodle and rice noodle, bean sprouts, “Tau Pok” (fried brown beancurd), frozen pork blood and also cuttle fish marinated with chili .

The curry mee soup has a strong aroma of coconut milk and the taste is quite strong. As for the chili paste the taste  is also very nice. Warning for those who can’t stand extreme spiciness, remember to cut down on the chili paste, else you will be sweating like mad.

The combination of the noodle, the soup and also the chili paste is a perfect match, it makes me recall the taste of curry mee prepared by my granny when I was young.

Overall, the taste of the curry mee is great. The food is worth the money and the owners are friendly. However, there are not many sitting places and is hard to find a parking slot nearby. If you parked nearby to the market all the illegal parking attendants will collect money from you.

Price for the curry mee:

  • Curry mee (Small/ Default) – RM2.50
  • Curry mee (Regular/ Meddium) – RM3.00
  • Curry mee (Large/ Big) – RM3.50

Editor’s Review (5 Stars Rank):

Food Presentation

Quick Facts:

Family Friendly
Pork Free
Credit Card

Operation hours: 6:00am – 2:00pm (7 days a week)
Contact: The 3 musketeers Aunties
Address:Beside the Bridge near Air Itam Market (Kiao Kar).

15 thoughts on “Delicious Penang Food @ Classical Curry Mee, Air Itam”

  1. I heard that for those frequent customer whom the ladies recognise them, she’ll sell them cheaper like RM1 per bowl. Can you believe that?

  2. I have only met up with the two elderly ladies on my last visit. It’s good to see there is a younger lady helping with the work too.

  3. allie, ya leh. RM1 per bowl. I can’t believe leh. Are you getting the price? please bring me there please.

    Little Inbox, I feel it’s quite thick leh. I quite love it.

    Food paradise, you have to visit there. Is one of great curry mee in Penang.

    Cariso, I don’t believe that too. Wanna ask Allie to bring us there dee.

  4. The RM 1 is actually the stall owner sold it to a friend of mine. She is her regular customer since she was young. I pay RM 2.50 for my bowl of curry me lo.

  5. Ya .. they are very traditional .. Try out another stall operating fr 2pm – 5pm .. just opposite the Ayer Itam bus station (by the road side) ..add “sotong” yummy

  6. Thanks for blogging on the 3 women’s Air Itam curry mee. Brings back nostalgic memories of eating at their stall squatting down in my childhood years. Bless them and may they have a long healthy, peaceful remaining year serving up their delicious curry mee. Thanks for sending me your link through facebook. I’ll be reading your blog on Penang food. Penang is a food heaven.

  7. they are more than 40 years there. I m 45 this year, and remember, when i m small, not yet enter primary sch, they r there.

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