Pleasure Penang Food, Mee Goreng & Rebus @ Persiaran Gurney

Whenever I start to ask around about Mee Goreng (Indian-style Fried Noodle) or Mee Rebus (Indian-style Cooked Noodle), there will be a lot of responses to me and many suggested places, some are hidden in corner of streets that I have never even heard of.

As for me, there are lot more to write about as there are really many nice Mee Goreng and Rebus around the corner of Penang. This time I am going to talk about the place that sells good and traditional-style Mee Goreng and Rebus. This place is located at a hotspot but somehow not many people know about this place.

This place is located at Persiaran Gurney, if you are driving from Evergreen Hotel towards Gurney Plaza, just after the 7-11 convenient stall, slow down and you will see a food court on your left. This is the place that sells good Indian-style Noodle.

This place is known as “Kompleks Makanan Persiaran Gurney”, it is a food court that serves Halal Food (Pork Free). This place is not visited by many people partially due its lack of fan at the dining area. For those who will easily get sweat, remember to bring more tissues (serviettes) with you.

The name of the stall is called “Penang Famous Edgecumbe Road Mee Rebus and Mee Goreng”. The price of the noodle is reasonable. Below is the price list:

  • Mee Rebus, Normal – RM3.00
  • Mee Goreng, Normal – RM3.00
  • Mee Rebus or Goreng with Egg – RM3.50
  • Mee Rebus or Goreng, Large – RM4.30
  • Mee Rebus or Goreng, Large with Egg – RM4.80
  • Sotong Merah (Red Cutter Fish), Small – RM4.50
  • Sotong Merah (Red Cutter Fish), Large – RM5.50
  • Mee + Koay Teow (Noodle + Flat Noodle) – RM4.30
  • Istimewa (Special) – RM6.00

The owner is Haji Kamalludin, he started his business back in 1975 at Padang Brown hawker centre before moving to Jalan Edgecumbe two years later. His business boomed and he stayed at “Edgecumbe Road” for over 13 years, hence it became the name of his stall. In 1991, he moved his stall to Kompleks Gerai Persiaran Gurney (Gurney Drive Hawker Complex).

So far I have tried both Mee Goreng and Mee Rebus Normal. It is very ironic that there are many comments about this stall, some expressed this stall serves the best mee goreng and mee rebus while some expressed that it is a disappointment. As for me, I feel the taste of both mee goreng and rebus are acceptable.

For mee rebus, the noodle looks appetising. The time to cook the noodle is just nice as it still maintains its springiness. Not just the noodle, the paste also tastes nice as it not diluted at all.

As for the mee goreng, you can feel the aroma of pan fried, the cuttle fish is also very chewy and tasty. It is served best with lime.

Editor’s Review (5 Stars Rank):

Food Presentation

Quick Facts:

Family Friendly
Pork Free
Credit Card
Private Room

Operation hours: 8:00am – 7:30pm (Closed on Fridays)
Contact: Haji Kamalludin Mohamad Ibrahim
Address:Kompleks Gerai Persiaran Gurney, Penang.

18 thoughts on “Pleasure Penang Food, Mee Goreng & Rebus @ Persiaran Gurney”

  1. Steven,

    You should go during lunch time on week days, man the people are like flies attracted by the fresh balacan! But after that the crowd seems to disappear with just a handful of patrons occasionally.

    I have not been to that food court for many many moons. I guess it is time to revisit them.

  2. never visit this malay food count. Shall give it a try. The mee rebus looks hot. There is another famous malay mee goreng near to the field of the old esplanade. Avalailable in the afternoon for lunch time.

  3. aiyoh baru review this wan ar? very nice mee goreng….yum yum!

    steven u know the kopitiam at jalan tengah where the nest chicken rice is? at night (dinner time) can you go test out to makan the nasi kandar with the ayam goreng bawang? It store is beside the jawa mee. Normally alot of people queing up…

  4. Hmm… I don’t about the taste of many people out there. This stall used to be real grand and top of the list during the hey days and the only one I know then that has salty based noodles. Most of the stalls around Penang are still adding sugar into the noodles which I consider rather unhealthy.

    I personally found the taste of the noodles to be rather inconsistent. When the boss himself fried the noodles (now no more), the standard was great. Now it looked as though any of his staffs will fry on his behalf. It’s a matter of your luck to get good noodles. So far, from my last 6 visits, none passed my standard in quality and taste. At many times, I was also overcharged. You have to be wary on the bill. Sorry to say, they should use calculator to count instead. 😛

    Moreover, the horror I had on being charged for filming the stall for SBC’s Malaysian Food Promotion, Singapore, still haunted me in my memory, and the noodle was really good at that time.

    No matter what, I do not anti the stall, I just think that this stall has been over publicized. My only wish would be for them to improve on their taste consistency.

  5. Mel, is nice I love the noodle there as so far the taste is great. I am planing for there on this weekend.

    NKOTB, I heard the bangkok lane is nice too but again that place is very contradiction. Some said good and some said bad.

    Jason, I don’t dare to visit there during the lunch time as I know sure packed 1.

    Food Promotions, I had tried the old esplanade and I love that place. Thanks for reminding I am going back this week.

    Little Inbox, I am not sure about bangkok lane, I am going to try out one day.

    Rayner, I was waiting for your retype of the long comment over the Kenny Rogers. Anyway, will make a trip to the nasi kandar at Jln tengah.

    CK, let me know if u wanna go I wanna go again too.

    Criz, I am sorry to hear that. I think because now this stall is famous already and he used to ask the assistant cook instead of Pak Haji himself. However, I was lucky that ever time I ordered is cooked by the owner himself

  6. ooooh, interesting, I’ve often passed by this stall (or a few other stalls like this) when I was in Gurney drive area:)

    Prices seem reasonable too; and your photos are as usual, great! =)

  7. steven, any chance to take us round to cari makan , we will be in PG this week, cheers

  8. Christy, you should drop by for a plate of mee goreng. Is nice when the owner is cooking.

    Cariso, u take the blower with you so that no sweat.

    Jaqueline, please let me know when you are arriving. I am more than happy to bring you around for good food.

  9. Halal doesn’t mean just pork free. It is also a particular way of cutting the meat. The head is not severed so that the heart can pump the blood out of the body because islam considers blood to be impure. It is also prayed upon. The reason I thought I’d clarify this is because there are people who cannot consume halal meat due to religious restriction due to the slow manner in which the animal dies. I didn’t want people to be confused and mislead by accident 🙂

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