Penang Best Teow Chew Chendol @ Penang Street

There have been a lot of introduction over the best Teow Chew Chendol in Penang before. How come only Teow Chew chendol that is famous but not Hokkien Chendol or Hainanese Chendol? If anyone is aware of Hainanese Chandol please let me know, I am going to blog about that.

When I was young, I believed what my friend told me about the green color of Chandol was made of algae from the drain. Since then I haven’t been taking Chandol for a long time. I hope that friend of my will feel guilty when he read this post. 🙂 

The Penang famous Teow Chew Chendol that I am referring to is the one located at Lebuh Keng Kwee off Penang Street. The stall is located at the back lane.

Check out the people that dropped by this little stall, it was a never-ending flow. I wonder how much the stall owner is paying for his income tax every year?

This stall is sponsored by I am not sure if he is willing to place poster there? The price of each bowl is very reasonable too.

The famous Chendol of all time. The green color slices are made from Pandan leaves (fragrant screwpine) and flour. The white color milk is coconut milk. There are some other ingredients included in a bowl of chendol like red beans and attap chee (Palm Fruit). But the key ingredient which makes this so tasty is the brownish gula melaka (Palm Sugar). A friend of mine who is a frequent visitor will visit it twice a day and each time 4 bowls in a row.

They don’t only sell Chandol at this stall, if you are not a fan of chandol and prefer something different, Ice Kacang is another option. Check out this colorful and delicious ice kacang. 

Good food comes with responsibility. You need to stand and eat instead of a expecting a proper place to sit down. You are not allowed to bring the Chandol to the nearby coffee shop. There is a miniature chair beside if you don’t mind dirty.

13 thoughts on “Penang Best Teow Chew Chendol @ Penang Street”

  1. Hi Steven

    Welcome back, I sure miss reading your food blog. Love the chendol pictures, I remember the last time I was home in 2006, my sister and I had cendol in a shopping mall. I do not remember the name of the mall but I remember when I left the building, I was in the road wnere the large Police Barracks was. Is that Penang road, the road where there were lots of stores selling picked nutmeg etc. Other thing I missed was looking at the Penang Bridge link, as I could see if it was sunny in Penang especially when I was cold and miserable here.

    Only 6 more weeks before it Makan Time. Taking my kids back to Pg for the first time in their lives!!

    Steven, I hope you do not mind me asking 2 things. One, are you related to a Benjamin Goh Jr. He was my classmate in PFS in 1970-71. Two, how much would it cost in your opinion to get some one in Penang to write a website very similar to Obviously there will be some changes but the theme is similar.

    Keep up the good work and long may the lovely pictures stir my gastric juices. The sad news is there is a place called Oriental City near where I live closed last Sunday after nearly 15 years. They had a food court selling alot of Malaysian, Thai, Vietnamese and Nasi Kandar etc. This was our weekly Friday night outlet to binge on food of my youth. Unfortunately tonight, we had Indian curry which was ok but not as good as Char Koey Teow or Hokkien mee.

    Keep up the good work.


    Yat Hoe

  2. Yat Hoe Ng, Welcome back again. After a while that my blog was hacked I am back on track again. 6 more months hope to see you here in Penang. Actually I am not related to Benjamin Goh, unless he willing to accept me as his god son. Is he your schoolmate? I’ve visited It seems that they are working with template over this website. It shouldn’t be very expensive. Estimated around RM1000-1500. Dude, you might consider opening a Chinese restaurant there back in UK, sure very good business.

    Amei79, you have to bear with the mess over the great food. In Penang most great food having such scene at sideway. Sorry to spoilt your appetite ;p

  3. Steven

    Do you have your personal email where I can contact you directly?


    Yat Hoe

  4. I find the place a bit dirty too. Whenever I feel like having a bowl of cendol, I will drop by the stall on the ground floor of Prangin Mall. There is a sitting area which accomodates four tables.

  5. Hazel, happy dumpling festival to you too.

    CK, there is a saying in Hokkien – Dirty eat dirty grow. Not sure you heard about this.

  6. wow.. cendol.. good good..

    abt hainanese cendol.. i think i can help u on tat.. i’m a hainanese and i make cendol.. so it wil bcome hainanese cendol rite.. hahaha 😛 but wat’s the diff btw hainanese cendol, teochew or hokkien???

  7. liang_mui, you must be kidding. If Hainanese make chendol it’s called Hainanese Chendol. Like that if I plant durian tree, than the fruit will become Hainanese Durian? I had tasted Hainanese ‘Chendol’ before it’s call ‘kuai kia’ but that was years back and my aunty hardly make it now. U know where can get Hainanese’s Dessert?

  8. sorry for the late late reply..

    quite hard to get hainannese desserts nowadays. i hven taste the pure hainannese desserts ever since my granma passed aways 20++ yrs ago..

    i’ll try to check it out and i let u kno. or mayb i’ll get the recipe and cook it myself and post it in my blog. wahahha.. wat do u think,stevie?

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  10. Hi Steven, I love cendol. Do you have a recipe to make an authentic Penange cendol? How do they make the long smooth strands of cendol, all recipes I’ve seen on the web are short and uneven. Thank you.

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