Hidden Treasure & Great Foods @ Balik Pulau

For those who want to get away from this small hectic and busy Penang Island, Balik Pulau is an express way to regain and recharge yourself. There are a few ways to get to Balik Pulau. You can use the route from Paya Terubong or from Bukit Jambul. If you have plenty of time to take a longer route with sea side view, you can follow the Teluk Bahang Road. No matter which road you use you will never be lost in Penang. Even if you are lost you don’t have to be panicked as you are still in a small Penang Island.

This photo is at the junction of Paya Terubong to Balik Pulau. There is a Police Station between the terrace houses, so user-friendly. If you are staying beside you will be guaranteed of safety as there won’t have break-in’s or any crime activities.

The scene below showed where we stopped by at the highest level of Balik Pulau with an aerial view of the town.

The big and small islands joining together is known as Tortoise Island to the old folks in Balik Pulau.

Damn ‘potong stim’ (doomed to disappointment), all the scenery around were so nice except for a couple who were hugging and kissing with ‘kelakuan yang tidak senonoh’ (inappropriate behavior) in public. Possibility the conversation as below: 

Girl:   “Dear, I feel headache after the winding road.”
Guy:  “Not to be too worry dear, let me cure your headache by giving you a warm hug and kiss.”
Girl: “Don’t be like that dear, later some one like Steven Goh capture our picture and publish to the whole world how?”
Guy: “$%#& that Steven Goh. Ask him to talk to me only after our ‘hangat’ (heat) session.”

That was just half way to our destination, the place which we were heading was an orchard located at some additional 15 minutes away. The picture below is our destination.

Fresh hanging buah petai, sure all the aunties will want to pick. As you know the price of these buah petai are so expensive nowadays.

A concrete house beside the buah petai tree where the owner rares sparrows. I am not sure why this building has an ASTRO? Do the birds watch Discovery Channel?

Two guard dogs came to collect parking fees from us.

This was the place we tried out some exotic stuff.

Of course, I don’t have to introduce any stronger…it’s the King of Fruits Durian!!!

This type of durian is the sweet and creamy type and is best for beginners.

This is the bitter and sticky type is for the pro, the color is a bit white and the texture is soft. It tasted like alcohol due to its bitterness.

See the way I enjoyed these Durians, you already know that I love both bitter and sweet types.

A walk around the orchard after a pouring rain.

The mist made the surrounding very cool and cozy just like in Cameron Highlands.

Do you think this is an ordinary tree? Take a closer look on my next picture.

There a green snake sleeping on top of the branch. What will happen if you feel like plucking some limes off this tree where you are actually touching the tail of this greeny creature, you can imagine the rest of the story.

After the orchard visit, it’s time for nice food. This is the famous hidden place where people always talk about on best Penang Laksa and Hokkien Mee. It is located at the very rural area of a fishing village. The road is call Jalan Bharu. If you asked the people around Balik Pulau they will be able to guide you there.

The reason that they are so famous is the ingredients used for the Laksa and Hokkien Mee are fresh from the sea and their service is quite fast too.

Check out the crowd at the side-way of this attap house.

Within 3 minutes after order, Loh Bak has come as our appetizer.

The great laksa, I am not a great fan of Laksa. It’s like Klang people who don’t eat Bak Kut Teh. Anyway, I still have a few sip of the laksa and the taste is just nice.

My favourite hokkien mee. It’s really very nice. I love the taste as it didn’t have much artificial flavour. Anyway, the key ingredient is the chili. You have to put in most of the chili only you will find it nice.

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  1. yeah~ i’m the best to drop a msg here~

    walao eh, i got so long never eat durian liao, yummy yummy~
    u also very big eater hoh, can finish laksa and loh bak and hokkien mee after eating durian, kheng~

    sometime those very old and hidden places really can find nice food. and the snake also hidden too~ hehe~

    tumbs up for this post!

  2. Great pictures and the durian looks fantastic. Last time I bought my wife back to Penang for our Honeymoon was 20 years ago. You should have seen her face the first time she smelt durian. How can you eat something that smells of the sewers?????????

    I just said, “less man more share”. Can wait to taste the forbidden fruit again!



  3. omg!! i jus saw sth scare my soul out from my body.. paisei paisei.. i mean the snake not the fruit.. tat’s the onli ‘animal’ i scared the most in my life!!!…

    food again!! steven, how can i go on diet if i keep browsing ur blog again and again? i’m gaining weight!! omg~~ any more healthy food to intro? haha 😛

  4. Dude, next time please use ur name else I might thought it’s another spam again. Can’t invite you on last trip cause not suitable, next time we organise our rombongan 🙂

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