Patients and Nurses @ Clinic Cafe, Sunway Prai

If you are feeling sick and not well, you need to visit clinic to get some medicine. How about if you are feeling hungry and thirsty, can you visit clinic? The answer is YES, instead of clinic, this place is called Clinic Cafe. In fact the whole building looks like clinic.

To get to this place, if you know how to get to Sunway Carnival at Prai, where Sunway is on your left and Old Town Cafe is on your right, you are now located at Jalan Todak 4. Just before reaching Sunway Carnival building, you will see Billion Supermarket is on the same row. Right before Billion turn left to Jalan Todak 3, you will see a row of shop houses with one red in between and that is the Clinic Cafe.

The entrance to the clinic cafe is like an entrance to the real clinic where you will see there are wheel chairs placed just beside the door and the seats in the restaurant are just like the hospital beds.

The hungry and thirsty patients are seated at their specified ward waiting to be served.

The doctor handed the menu to us while we are in place. Too bad all the nurses are on leave that day when we get warded 🙁

The choice of needles that you can choose when you are there.

The tissue holder for the patients.

The cutleries for the patients.

After taking the order the doctor or nurse will stick the order at the board so that the next shift of doctors or nurses will know what is going on.

Warning to kids, please do not follow the dangerous act below. Below stunt had been practicing for a long time and we had sought approval from the President of the Clinic to perform so. The lady on the picture below was acting like a patient and slept on top of the table to allow us to take a good shot of photo. She is the first lady customer to have done so in Clinic Cafe.

There are a lot of orders around in this clinic cafe. However, the most valuable for money here is the set lunch promotion.

Clinic Sambal Udang Rice – RM9.80 per set. This particular set is served with White Rice, Sambal Prawn, Papadum and Fresh Vege with Salad. The papadum was so crunchy and crispy. It tasted great when dipped together with the sambal. The taste of the sambal was fragrant enough and spiciness was acceptable. However, the drawback of this dish is the freshness of the prawn is not up to par.

This set lunch came with Ice Lemonade Juice.

Clinic Special Chicken Rice – RM13.80, Served with flavoured rice, boneless fried chicken, tomyam soup and fresh vege with salad. If compared this dish to the previous one, in terms of freshness, this is much better. The Fried chicken cubes were hot and crunchy and the portion was a lot. The tomyam soup was appetizing and desirable. This set of lunch is value for money.

Together with the set, the drink served was Ice Lemon Tea.

Prawn Dipper – RM7.80, the prawns were filled in the wonton skin and deep fried, the taste was acceptable. The specialty of this is the injection of the chili sauce. It was exactly like the medicinal tray for the patient. However, the price for a few dippers with such price is consider slightly on the higher side.

Overall, the concept and the theme of this cafe is very special and attractive. It is a very new concept in Penang. The price of the promotion set lunch is very reasonable. Another plus point of this place is they have free WIFI available. However, the price for the dishes that is not under promotion is slightly on the higher side. In order to attract more customers, the management of this place should consider reviewing their price again.

Editor’s Review (5 Stars Rank):

Food Presentation

Quick Facts:

Family Friendly
Pork Free
Credit Card
Private Room

Operation hours: 10:30am – 11:00pm (7 days a week)
Contact: 04-399 1991 (K.K Ooi, Kelvin Chan, Jimmy Ching, M. Faizal)
Address:No. 7, Jalan Tadak 3, Bandar Sunway, 13700 Seberang Perai, Penang.

15 thoughts on “Patients and Nurses @ Clinic Cafe, Sunway Prai”

  1. hey, this is something new to me..thanks for sharing it here.. lol.. what a funny cafe.. hope it brings in business.. people might get very.. er… how to say.. ‘touch wood’ type of thinking.. lol..

  2. Nice find! The only Hakka Mee I know is somewhere in Jln Pantai Jerejak which optional you can order with the yong tau fu + the pok pok chui (no kidding, that is the name in the menu too)… One day I must go taste this out! Yum Yum!

  3. Bad!thats my marks after trying the food there at Gurney.its bad!Cheaply prepared food in surgical instruments to disguise.,n having the people there to dress like the medical doctor is bad too.What have they done to the image of the doctors n nurses.Im sure the medical people will not b happy with all this imposters,making a mockery of their profession.Shanme lor or ,maybe its the lunar seventh month that makes people sicked!!!!

  4. Hi Billy, actually is the theme that attract people there. Beside that I feel some of the dishes is acceptable while the rest still have rooms for improvement.

  5. Im not impressed as im a medical professional.It aches my heart to see these imposters.n my medical instruments been made to serve food.What a mess.Still its my 2 cents worth of thoughts as many people not attached to medicall might not feel this way.However its not nice at all to hhang a stets around the neck if u r not a doctoer.We feel been belittled n shown no respects for a great gadget like the stethoscope.,which has along respectful history.

  6. Billy, I couldn’t believe with you more as a profession ourselves if some one make it as a theme of some service, sometime we feel like it a joke and that doesn’t makes that profession a real “profession” anymore. Moreover the roll play they set is on your daily tasks sure you will feel uncomfortable. I think I will be the same as well, if there is a restaurant that served with PC Engineering theme of CD, diskette and Pen Drive I will be the one that give up first.

  7. Steven said…

    My family experienced unhygenic and poor attitude of the waitresses. My son’s got eggshell and newspaper cutting in the fried rice. Upon complaning, unhappy faces from waitress and was changing full bill with service charge into the bill. Cashier throw my change on the counter not happy with my feedback. Asked to see the Manager, replied NO MANAGER in restaurant. Took the rude staff picture but challenge me by taking my pics too. Sigh……..what suck attitude for a restaurant that opens only barely a month plus and also advert their outlet in THE STAR on 15/09/10 claiming everything about their eatery place. I hope relevant authourities should reprimand by closing this outlet.

  8. Hi Steven, that’s sound very bad and discouraging. Do you still have the photo with you? Can you send to me and I will write something to them so that they would not be so bold.

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