Authentic Hakka Noodle @ Beng Chin Garden, Air Itam

There were many requests by friends and readers about Hakka Mee or Hakka Noodle in Penang recently. I have no idea why such requests came along. However, I do find a few places for good Hakka Mee around. Some of the places serve modernized Hakka Mee where there are mixture of Hakka Noodle with Yong Tau Fu. Others are still selling very traditional style of Hakka Noodle.

The place below that I am introducing will be the stall that sells traditional and authentic type of Hakka Noodle. The Coffee shop of this place is called Beng Chin Garden and is located at the junction to Kek Lok Si at Air Itam.

By going to Kek Lok Si, you will definitely pass by Jalan Pasar, where turning left will be going to Kek Lok Si Temple and turning right will be heading back to the roundabout that leads to Penang Hill. Beng Chin Garden is just on the right of the junction.

Beng Chin Garden is operating on breakfast and lunch hour only. For those that want to try out the good food here please be aware of your timing.

The stall of Hakka Noodle is located just at the front corner of this coffee shop. It is a very humble little store that operates here for more than a decade. I still remember the first time I tried the Hakka Noodle here was during my secondary school days which dated 15 years back.

Since then, Beng Chin Garden Coffee Shop had undergone renovation and gave the shop a new facelift compared to few years back where it looked like an old and classic coffee shop. In fact it looks much better now.

Usually for me to start off the day is a cup of nescafe and it has been a norm for me to have a cup each day. Some of the coffee shop makes very mild nescafe which they are too stingy to provide an up to standard cup of nescafe. However, Beng Chin’s nescafe and milo are up to par for a great start of the day.

Authentic and Traditional Hakka Noddle – RM2.50 per bowl.

The noodle was homemade and the minced meat had been marinated with fermented soy bean in paste. The minced meat had a slight pork odour that made it tasted authentic. 

The texture of the minced meat was very chewy and delicious. It actually blended very well together with the noodle. As for the chili sauce it was spicy and sour and had a bit of sweetness in it. It mixed perfectly with the noodle and the meat.

Overall, the price is very reasonable and the taste of the food is very authentic. The service is good too. The cafe surrounding has many parking slots, but this only applies to normal days. When it comes to public holiday and weekend the parking slots will become limited.

Editor’s Review (5 Stars Rank):

Food Presentation

Quick Facts:

Family Friendly
Pork Free
Credit Card
Private Room

Operation hours: 7:00am – Until Sold Out, usually 2:30pm (Close on alternate Tuesday)
Address: Beng Chin Garden Cafe, Jalan Pasar, 10400 Penang.

11 thoughts on “Authentic Hakka Noodle @ Beng Chin Garden, Air Itam”

  1. Wei… why you never pack one packet to feed this every hungry little bro of yours? LOL! Anyway, I think this is the second generation. I used to have it a lot when I frequent that Kek Lok Si area during my schooldays.. 😛

    Errr… sometimes the minced pork can be a bit too dry towards the later part of the day.

  2. Hey, this is the stall i used to visit with my grandpa when i was a kid.
    I always ate with double chili souce! did you tried the meat ball soup? vv delicious as well!

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