Nice Food and Intimate Ambiance @ Little Cottage 2, Waterfall Hotel, Gottlieb Road

Always finding a place for nice food with air-conditioning and cozy ambiance for a bunch of people on some special occasions, example birthday or farewell, would be a a very headache task for me. As I will always be the one who needs to figure out and arrange the place to dine.

Although sometimes I feel very tired and frustrated on finding and arranging for a place to dine, but I am used to this. As for this round, I suggested to dine at Little Cottage 2.

For your information, Little Cottage 1 and Little Cottage 2 are both under the same management. However, Little Cottage 1 is located at Burmah Road while Little Cottage 2 is located at Waterfall Hotel at Gottlieb Road.

The entrance to the restaurant is very classic and definitive.

The intimate and cozy ambiance inside the restaurant is very suitable for dating couples looking for some romantic restaurants. However, there is a drawback over this place. The background music which was playing  in the restaurant was repeating over and over again which was abit irritating.

Red/ White Wine Cooler – per glass – RM9.90. This is a refreshing and appetizing bubbly wine drink to open up your taste buds before meal.

Little cottage 2 always provides different set meals for different occasions. As for this case is Father’s Day Special, the selection of course included bun, soup, dessert, choice of main meal, coffee or tea.

The starter for the set, soup and bun:

The mushroom soup was smooth and creamy. It was just great.

The main course listed as  below:

Mix and Match Combo, select two (Tiger Prawn, German Sausage, Chicken, Lamb, Fish) – RM39.90+

Most of us ordered Mix and Match Combo as it was affordable and very attractive. Below was a combination of tiger prawn and German sausage. The tiger prawn was fresh and was baked nicely with butter and sprinkled with fried onions on top. Whereas the German sausage was long and delicious. One of the most attractive side dishes on this set was the baked potato with mayonnaise sauce and fried onions on top.

Next combo was the lamb and chicken. The sauce provided was brown sauce with some black paper. The taste of both chicken and lamb were excellent.

The following was the combination of chicken and prawn which the taste was similar like the previous ones.

The next combination was salmon with prawn. The salmon was pan fried, which tasted great after accompanied by mayonnaise sauce.

Tiger Prawn Picatta Spaghetti in Italian Tomato Sauce – RM29.90+. Besides the combo mix and match set, there was also picatta spaghetti with tomato sauce. It was a seafood delight and the taste is up to par.

There was also a lobster set priced at RM49.90+ with the below choices:

  • Set 1. Lobster Combo Sepcial, select one (Salmon, Lamb, Chicken)
  • Set 2. Lobster Spaghetti with Italian Tomato Sauce
  • Set 3. Lobster Spaghetti with Olive Oil
Lobster was covered with cheese and was baked. The aroma of it was nice and the combination with salmon was good.
Besides set meals, there are ala cartes available as well. Below is the Grilled Fish ala carte.

Chicken with brown sauce.

The dessert for the set meal was a standard chocolate mud cake.

For those who enjoys better dessert, you can top up with RM4 for a tiramisu cake.

The ending with freshly brewed coffee or tea. What a nice ending.

Overall, the environment is very nice. Just that the background music needs to have a little bit more variety instead of keep looping the same song. The food is nice and the price range is acceptable. There is no problem on the car park as there are private and public car parks just around the corner.

Editor’s Review (5 Stars Rank):

Food Presentation

Quick Facts:

Family Friendly
Pork Free
Credit Card
Smoking (Separated Smoking Area)
Private Room

Operation hours: 11:00am – 3:00pm; 6:00pm – 10.30pm (7 days a week)
Contact: 04-228 1128
Address: 31, Gottlieb Road,10350 Penang.


18 thoughts on “Nice Food and Intimate Ambiance @ Little Cottage 2, Waterfall Hotel, Gottlieb Road”

  1. Steven
    My wife and I are coming to Penang, staying in Batu Ferringhi during the first week of September.I have read your site with much pleasure and have found (and made a note of) much information ,which I hope will make our stay much more enjoyable.
    Thank You

  2. Steven, I have moved my home! 🙂 Perhaps I should celebrate my ‘blog moving’ at The Little Cottage 2 as I’ve never been there yet. I am eyeing on that pasta dish!

  3. I went there twice before, once with a group of friends & another time with my wife. The thing that made me never go there again was someone was smoking at the bar which I think is unacceptable in an air-con environment. When we feedback to the staff, they just shrugged (I think it was the owner or some VIP) but anyway if they still allow smoking I will never step in there again. Get enough of that crap from regular eating places so I don’t need to pay a lot for eating with smokers who are so inconsiderate.

  4. Heyy…didnt visit ur blog recently due to my very very the busy working life. Finally I got the time to look at it! And it makes me hungryyyy~~~

  5. Hi Andy, first of all allow me to clarify. Please don’t get me wrong as I am bias at who’s side or I had been get paid to post this article. Actually, if standing at the shoes of the restaurant and you know that the person is a VIP and he had been a regular, do you every chase him off to stop smoking? Infect, inside that place doesn’t stick any bill of no smoking sign and there are smoking and non-smoking corner separation in the restaurant. Beside that, the main attraction to this place is the stone grill that will burst out lot of smoke and oil that smell like smoking as well. Therefore, this is also unavoidable. So far, for me when I was there, there are no person smoking in the restaurant.

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    Thank you!

  7. I saw yr write up and pictures regarding Little cottage 2. The place look so cosy and inviting and the food look so delicious. My son’s girlfriend is celebrating her 21st b’day on 11thsept and she is going to have a buffet dinner for 60pax at that place. The restaurant charge Rm40 per pax and the place will be exclusively for her party for the whole nite. My whole family will be flying from Sabah and we are so looking forward to this dinner party. I hope it will live up to our expectation. I will e-mail you how are things after the dinner.

  8. wao Halan, I am so surprised that you and your family are flying from Sabah to Penang for just the birthday party? Kinda pressure for me to on this recommendation. Anyway, if the whole thing goes accordingly I believe their taste should be on standard. Hope you enjoy your trip here 🙂 if you still need any guides for good food around Penang do let me know as I will forward them to you.

  9. Hi Steven, as promise I would like to share with u my dinner party experience at Little cottage2. I attended my son’s girlfriend 21st b’day party on 11th sept at LC2. We had a wonderful time and everybody agreed that it is the place that make the difference.The food was so, very delicious,.. Superb!!! my fav is the baked fish and oyster. The place was perfect for an intimate and small dinner party, the staff were friendly and cooperative, the owner herself Ms.Elaine, was a gracious and obliging hostess. The afternoon before the party, there was an unfortunate fire incident at the Penang bridge, the entourage with the b’day girl came from Kulim and they were stranded for 4 hrs at the bridge. They were suppose to come early to do the decoration and as they were late the staff were kind enough to do it themselves. The party were allowed to stretch up till 12.30am than the 11.30pm as previously agreed. Another bonus is that Ms.Elaine insisted to drive us back to our hotel. Now how cool is that Steven? However, the only set back though was the b’day cake by a popular cake hse which was recommended by Ms.Elaine. It looks good but the taste is a total let down. Anyway it was a great, happy experience to have the opportunity to dine at Little cottage2, I came to Penang expecting a lot (after reading yr reviews) and I certainly am not dissapointed. I would definitely recommend it to anybody especially to those who is looking for a party venue cum caterer. Infact I bought LC2 dinner voucher for 7 for a friend’s upcoming b’day in October. Cheers!

  10. Hi Helen, glad to know that you had a wonderful experience there. In fact, I just met up with Elaine the ownder on last week and she is indeed a very nice person. Anyway, I am glad that you do like my blog. Thanks for your support and this give me the momentum to keep update all the good food in Penang.

  11. Tq Steven. I enjoy browsing yr site and Im sure many too appreciate it. Keep up the good work. All the best from Sabah.

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