Delicious Hong Kong’s Food Culture @ Plaza Low Yat

I believe that most of us know where is Plaza Low Yat, in fact all the IT people should know this place is famous of having cheap and latest IT gadgets. However, this time I am not introducing any IT stuff in this post. Instead I am going to introduce a nice place for food just beside the entrance of Plaza Low Yat

The name of this restaurant is called Hong Kong’s Food Culture (港饮港食小卖部)。 Actually the front part of this restaurant is just a small lot if you didn’t look carefully, it just looks like another small hawker stall.

However, if you walk in closely you will see there is a staircase to basement that leads to a dining area with air conditioning.

The place is so crowded and usually you will need to wait a moment to be seated. Very good business.

So far I have tried a few things and all of them meet my standard. The old cucumber soup (老火汤) as my starter, the soup is cooked in slow fire and this made the soup well blended with old cucumber. The soup also has peanut, red dates and squid slices and this made the soup even more delicious.

This is the Hongkie Style Duck Rice (港式烧鸭饭). The duck meat is very juicy and the most important is the skin is so crunchy. It tastes so good even without dipping with the sauce. The price for this duck rice is very reasonable only RM5.90 + RM3 for the old cucumber soup.

Fried Rice Fu Jian Style (福建炒饭), this dish costs RM15.50 which is a bit expensive. . However, it’s worth to eat as there are many ingredients. On top of the fried rice there are mushrooms, slice meat, prawns, cucumber, scallops and “mee sua” cooked in gluey form and spread on top of the rice. It is a bit expensive but worth to try.

For those who would like to practise Fear Factor, you should try the duck tongue. I am not used to take the dish but my friends have ordered so I have to try some too. Anyway, the taste is all about soya sauce and sasame oil and nothing much.

Lastly, Stewed Egg (炖蛋) as my dessert. It’s very unique. So far I haven’t had any chance to order this back in Penang. I remember I had this very long time ago when I was child. The egg is steamed with some ingredients that make it smooth and it’s as smooth as eating ‘tau hua’. For those ladies that want to have smooth and nice skin, you should consume this more. A bowl of this is just RM4.

My usual cup of tea. As usual, but this time is hongkie style. Nice.

Overall, I find the food is nice. However, it is giving me the feeling of “Oh, another hongkie restaurant”. May be there are too many competition around and the food are all very similar. That is why I am giving a very high ranking for this restaurant.

Editor’s Review (5 Stars Rank):

Food Presentation

After my lunch, I had a walk in Sungai Wang Plaza and it was very crowded. So fortunate, I have met the local artist, Gary Chao (曹格). He was here today for the Kim Gary Membercard Promotion. Check out the poster “Welcome to My World”. Too bad I am not a big fan of any artists, else I will be going crazy into the crowd just for his authograph.


3 thoughts on “Delicious Hong Kong’s Food Culture @ Plaza Low Yat”

  1. hong kong food restaurants too much liao, just like kopitiam style franchise also too many liao, sometime will get boring with them.

    anyway, many ppl told me hong kong wan ton mee very nice one, haha~ if i got a chance, i think i’l try the duck tougue, looks scary but interesting~

    and, wei, bila u come KL one, y i donno one?

  2. I have really bad experience at the restaurant that u mentioned above. Perhaps the quality of food dropped ever since your last visit. I don’t remember the food that i ordered, but it i remember it as starchy and cold. They appear to be pre-heat food.

  3. Hi Joie, it had been long time I haven’t been there I think they might been changed a lot. I hope they better buck up, else they will sure to wait close shop

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