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After my previous post about iKopi at Petaling Street, it has been a while that I haven’t really blogged about the great food in Petaling Street (Chinatown).  There are a lot of great food along Petaling Street, such as Portugal Kari Ikan Panggang (Portuguese Grilled Curry Fish) and also Lo Han Gor (Chinese Herbal Tea). Well, today I am not going to blog about that yet as they are too commercialised already. I will consider about that may be after sometime when I have finished with all the non-commercialised or newly stalls.

The food that I am going to introduce today is a road side stall and it is located at the middle of Petaling Street. By the way, I have a cousin who stays in Selangor for more than 5 years and he is still unaware of such nice food in Petaling Street. Therefore, I have the urge that it is definitely a MUST to introduce the place to all of you. 

The exact location of this stall is just opposite Restaurant Kim Lian Kee and Reggae Bar of Petaling Street.

In front of the stall you will see the Clara building and PSDN building.

While I was taking pictures of the porridge, there was someone doing some shooting on a chestnut stall behind me. 

The crewman and also the artist in the red shirt… It could be another food introduction program again.

The stall of the day, Hon Kee Famous Porridge (汉记靓粥) has been selling raw fish porridge (鱼生粥) since 1959, just 2 years after Merdeka (Malaysia’s Independence Day). What a long history for this stall, not sure this has been passed down from how many generations.

The stall was so packed with patrons that we were unable to get a seat. In the end we sat at the stall beside which was not selling porridge but Chee Cheong Fun (猪肠粉) instead.

To be hornest, the Chee Choeng Fun (猪肠粉) was just so-so and nothing very special. If you have tasted Chee Cheong Fun at Genting Restaurant in Penang, this is really nothing to be compared with. Moreover, this Chee Cheong Fun didn’t even have any taste of shrimp paste.

Finally, the great raw fish porridge that I am referring to. The raw fish is cut into equal slices with ginger and Chinese celery to remove the staleness of the raw fish. The hot porridge is then sprinkled with spring onions which is a norm for Chinese porridge.

My advice on having this porridge is stir the porridge 5 to 6 times to disperse the heat so that the raw fish will not be overcooked. Place all the fish slices into the hot porridge and wait for 30 seconds and you will find yourself indulged into the freshness and juiciness of the fish fillets. Unless you prefer a raw and half-cooked fish, you can place the fillet in one by one but mind you that the heat of the porridge can only last for 10 minutes.

Yao Zha Guai (油条) can be ordered together with the porridge as a side dish which makes a great combination. With these 3 combination, the cost per pax is only RM6. It is very reasonable for Petaling standard.

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9 thoughts on “Famous Raw Fish Porridge – Petaling Street”

  1. cazzycazz, thanks for the support. I used to travel and eat all the time. It won’t be supprised if one day I write about Pakistan’s foods

  2. You are most welcome Steven! Oh regarding my trip back to Penang, it was a very rush trip or our business review & conference. If i come back again for a longer stay then i will definitely inform you! Penang has really changed so much isn’t it over the years? I really don’t know where to look for makan anymore n tht’s y i love reading your blog. 😛 Oh yes, the chee cheong fun over in KL is seriously not as good as back home, the prawn paste is simply magical isn’t it?

    Btw, thanks for dropping by my blog and will inform you on my following trip! :)))))))))

  3. if you go back to that place again, check out the portugese ikan bakar in front of clara…

    Keep up the good job.. and keep eating

  4. Cazzycazz, you are most welcome. If really got come back this time please allow me to arrange for your Penang Feast.

    Will, dude are you sure to blog on that ikan bakar? It’s too commercialised dee. Somemore, every time have to wait until hair drops.

  5. Aiya… my friend. The chee cheong fun here is not the Penang version ma.. This is the Ipoh type, without the shrimp paste but sweet sauce and chili. Cartoon la u!

  6. Haha, Pinky thanks for the info given. To me, I don’t used to order chee cheong fun outside Penang and this is the only few times of exception. Therefore I have the impression of “different” compare to Penang taste.

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