Famous Penang Char Koay Teow, It’s Just Another Stall

Eating Char Koay Teow has become essential for tourists who visit Penang. If you tell your friends that you have visited Penang but never tasted Char Koay Teow here, they will raise an eyebrow at you. The feeling is like you visited Paris but never seen Eiffel Tower.

Back to the topic, there are so many stalls of Char Koay Teow in Penang and some are too commercialized and the one that I am going to mention today is the famous Char Koay Teow in Pulau Tikus, Burma Road.

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According to the local news paper that publish about the story of this stall, it says the stall has been operating for more than 20 years and it’s located in front of Sin Hwa Coffee Shop. The owner is a middle aged lady, her name is Ah Lian. This is one of the stalls that will add duck egg to the char koay teow as an add-on order.

After reading this newspaper and without any hesitation, I ordered a plate of Char Koay Teow with duck egg. However, this Char Koay Teow only came to me after 20 minutes due to popular demand and she has forgotten my order.

Check out the close-up of this Char Koay Teow, there are only some egg white and no egg yolk on my plate and when I confirmed with her again she claims this is the add-on with duck egg.

Anyway, after the long-wait I should have felt hungry and anything that goes into my mouth will be more delicious compared to normal circumstances. However after tasting this “Famous” Char Koay Teow, it gives me the feeling like it’s just another stall of char koay teow by the road side. May be her stall is too famous and popular further more she needs to cope with so many orders at one time and miss out some ingredients? Anyway, I am quite disappointed on this highly-expected dish.

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11 thoughts on “Famous Penang Char Koay Teow, It’s Just Another Stall”

  1. OMG, you reminded me of Char Kuay Teow again… the thing i missed while i was in Penang for CNY. Well, not exacted miss, but the one i had then wasn’t good AT ALL. Guess those that were still open during CNY couldn’t offered to close down aka not nice one.

    Uhh, so it’s not worth eating here i guess? Uh huh, when they’re overly famous, the quality tends to deteriorate after awhile. That and the service.

    That reminds me, i had a plate of it a few weeks back and it was super delicious. I think the guy who made it was really experienced especially the way he cooked the egg. It was like half-cooked and really soft and smooth. Not too wet either and the taste was yummy!


    p.s. She looks the same in your photo and in the newspaper article. Haha.. like statue tak pernah gerak.
    p.s.p.s. What duck egg? Where where?

  2. huh char kuey teow, in front of Pulau Tikus Police Station huh? Not the corner site restaurant right? if I not mistaken then this auntie should be my sister’s bf’s auntie!!!!

  3. usws, you are right. There are many char koay teow stalls in Penang but nice one are very not much. The duck egg will by smash and fried together with char koay teow. The taste is very different from chicken egg. The difference is like teh tarik with goat milk instead of cow milk.

    vickie, oh oh…. :p don’t tell her that I write this post. Else my house will be burn down later.

  4. wakka Steven confirmed liow I asked my sis!! aiya don’t worry lah auntie won’t so fierce 1… anyway the night stall chao kuey teow at Pulau Tikus pasar / behind the shoplot also my sister’s bf’s uncle 1

  5. I have tried this stall before and the taste was quite plain. But many uncles and aunties like to go there for the char koay teow…

  6. Vickie, don’t tell ur sis bf that I am posting this blog else I will become another lawyer that die at the car park. Btw, your sis bf all family members is in Char Koay Teow business? How about ur sis bf, will he be the next chef master too?

  7. hi steven,
    thanks for your great website ,not really been to the best char koay teow stall in pg, but will try out the one u recommended when i get back ,do u know where the best char how fun in pg

  8. I didn’t have CKT at this place but I understand very well. I must say I had the same experience 10 days ago at the 2 sisters’ CKT (Macalister road). I guess some stalls got a fine reputation years ago and are maybe no longer as good as they used to be. Although the taste, being ok can be very average now and then I start thinking about overrated and overpriced. Happens all the time and all over the world.
    But heh! There are many CKT places and most of them I like very much. On our next visit we surely will try out the Ah Leng one at Kafe Khoon Hiang.

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