One Of The Best Wantan Mee @ O & N Coffee Shop, Island Glades

Frankly speaking, I am not a very big fan of Wantan Mee although I always order Wantan Mee whenever I visited food court or coffee shop. However, there are really a few good Wantan Mee that give me good impression. Previously I wrote a post on one of the greatest Wantan Mee back in August 2007 Simple Yet Tasty Wantan Mee. I never failed to drop by to that stall for a bowl of Wantan Mee while they were still operating at Delima Mas Coffee Shop. Now they have moved to a new coffeeshop owned by themselves which specialises in Wantan Mee. The shop is O & N Coffee Shop.

This particular shop is located at a stone’s throw away from their previous stall. O & N Coffee shop sells Wantan Mee in the morning while at night the coffeeshop will turn into a chu char “cook-and-fry” eatery.

I am so glad to be there on their first day of opening.

I have been a regular customer of their wantan mee for 10 years. All this while, they still manage to maintain the taste and standard. This stall is run by 3 ladies, looks like they are from different generations. Not sure if they are from the same family.

The stall owner has won the award of “Penang Best Food Year 2002”.

Food presentation wise, you can’t expect too much. It may be due to the limited resources and overwhelming orders. If you are an impatient person, visit this place during weekend is a bad option. This is because the only dispatcher for this stall is the old lady, while the other 2 are on cooking and preparing the orders. Despite the “not-so-tidy” food presentation, the Wan Tan Mee is just marvellous. The texture of the noodle tasted just nice and the cooking temperature is well-controlled. The taste of lye water is not as heavy unlike some other Wantan Mee stalls. The mixture of gravy and sesame oil are very well-balanced that it actually brings out the tastiness of the wantan and the noodle.

Wantan Mee Normal per bowl (RM2.30).

Operation hours: 7am – 4pm
Contact: 016-4657808 / 019-4192528 (Mr. Ng Yong Hwa, Shop Owner)
Address: 1D, Lorong Delima 5, Island Glades, 11700 Penang.

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22 thoughts on “One Of The Best Wantan Mee @ O & N Coffee Shop, Island Glades”

  1. ai ya, too bad you’re not the fan of wantan mee.. otherwise, will ask you to try one in taman free school, in front of a tua pek kong temple… that only opens at night.

    btw, is the one same row as genting coffee shop??

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  3. Well, it all lies on the wan than mee itself. This stall served very “kiu” wan than mee. 🙂 As for the one NKOTB mentioned, the stall has gone too commercialized and the pricing has increased a lot, although the taste can be considered not bad. They use lots of lard and sugar based sauce to enhance the taste. Not so good for healthy conscious people.

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  5. NKOTB, I heard about the wantan mee that you mentioned. However, I haven’t tried that yet and some said good and bad as well. Can’t give comment yet until tried out.

    Allie, should go and try out 🙂

    CK, I love the char siew also cause is not coloring and is taste great on honey coated

  6. Criz, I have to test out the one NKOTB mentioned one only can test which is better.

    PTP, it’s thumb up, really. 🙂

    Ken, please bring me to your Malaysia Best Wantan Mee.

  7. 550ml, ya with sambal. I tried the noodle both without sambal and also with sambal and they are both great.

    cariso, I don’t think they are the same owner.

    Jason, is behind the Delima Mas a few stall beside Sport TOTO. Do let me know if you review also 🙂

    Yean, thanks for your encouragement. Is a boost to me 🙂

  8. Just tried the wantan mee after I read the blog. Kinda disappointed with the mee. Not special at all. The mee is too soft. When I reached the shop, it has no customer at all. I was doubtful looking at the award hanging on the wall. Maybe after 7years, their performance dropped. I won’t go back to this stall after this.

  9. ivi, if you had read my blog carefully I mentioned that the wantan mee is just so so. The only best about this place is the mee is cheap.

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