The Cheapest Wantan Mee in Town @ Seng Hong Cafe

For budget trevellers or people on tight budget this is the ideal place to be. Besides posting on the cheapest Wantan Mee in Penang (some even say it is cheapest in Malaysia), I will also be publishing the results from the Digi contest as well.

This particular stall is located at Victoria Street and the coffee shop name is Seng Hong Coffee Shop.

The answer to it is RM1.80 per plate. That was the one that I was having that day. 

The taste of the wantan mee is just usual, there are options for green chili and sambal to complete the noodle. Beside that this stall also served the wantan in another bowl with soup which a lot of stall find it too tedious to do so. To fill your stomach with only RM1.80 though, this is not the price that you can get at any other places in town. The stall owner “Eao Kuai” had operated here for more than 35 years. He is a very friendly person and likes to talk a lot. You will never get bored while having your meal. Moreover he is looking for apprentice, for those that want to learn up an great skill to earn an living, please queue up to interview at his stall.

Now come to the list of Winners of the Digi Contest (only the first 5 accurate answers):

Criz Lai
Jason Wong

Congratulations to the winners!! I would like to thank everyone for your overwhelming responses! To those who have won I will send you a separate email to get your details.

Editor’s Review (5 Stars Rank):

Food Presentation

Operation hours: 4:00am – 11:30am (Sunday Close)
Contact: Stall Owner, Eao Kuai (Monster)
Address: Lorong Victoria, just opposite Neww BT Food Court.
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22 thoughts on “The Cheapest Wantan Mee in Town @ Seng Hong Cafe”

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  2. the uncle get shock when u took his photo la!!! u see his face…. so shock looking! hahaha.

    really cheap. RM1.80. i don’t think can get it in any other place. congrats to the winners. i will try again next time! *wink*

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  4. Yups! This is definitely one of the (or THE) cheapest Wan Than Mee in Penang! And I just found this out like a few months ago! And it’s also by coincidence that our team stumbled upon this place by accident 😀

    My favourite wan than mee tastes great!

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  6. In Butterworth, Off Jalan Raja Uda, near Taman Tanjung Indah. Soon Seng Coffee Shop, Wan Tan Mee & Hokkien Mee only RM2.00 and delicious

  7. Latest news ! The stall will move to CF food court just opp. Seng Hong Cafe, and will start the business on 07/08/2012 at new place.

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