Great Tandoori Chicken @ Kapitan, Lebuh Chulia

It’s another “Cat” men’s night out. Actually, the cat man referred by Yummy Station is Criz. However, I was also considered as a cat man by Criz under his post comment. Actually both cat men have their own abilities. One owns the responsibility of 9 cats, while the other is able to eat cheaply and stingily just like a “cat” attitude.

The night out was on a rainy night. I did mention that I will not be going to take photos on such a bad weather. Also I have had bad experience with the service before at Kapitan in Queensbay. However, Criz insisted to go as he claims that this place serves one of the best tandoori chicken in town.

The service here is totally different from the one in Queensbay. Back there, our food arrived half an hour after we placed our order. However, back at Lebuh Chulia outlet, it took only 3 minutes for the waiter to take our order and another 3 minutes for him to come back with our food on his both hands.

The first was the Briyani Claypot Rice with Marinated Chicken (RM7.00). The rice was in golden hue and was not too oily. The marinated chicken had thick ginger smell and was served together with their home-made mayonnaise sauce. What a great combination.

The next was Tandoori Chicken served with Plain Naan Bread (RM7.50). The naan bread was just normal. What makes it different from the others is the chicken tikka (marinated chunks of grilled chicken). I have tasted tandoori chicken at different outlets before and this is so much better compared to the other branches. Maybe due to this is Kapitan’s originated place.

Finally, the fried instant “maggi” noodle (RM3.50), The noodle is semi-dry which I feel is not as delicious as other mamak stalls. However, there are a lot of ingredients added to it which I think is still worth some additional points.

Overall, most of the food here are delicious but there is still room for improvement for some of it. This is still one of the great places for late night owls to hangout for supper especially after 12midnight.

Operation hours: 24/7
Contact: 04-6241191
Address:93, Lebuh Chulia, 10200 Penang.

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17 thoughts on “Great Tandoori Chicken @ Kapitan, Lebuh Chulia”

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  2. Hubby has been making noise these days ask me to accompany him for a Tandoori chicken with Naan. Hehe…cuz he “beh tahan” after watching HoChiak’s Deepavali episode. 🙂 This is a nice place to lure him, no?

  3. Did you try their famous Badam Milk? It is prepared in the stall park beside the restaurant in your 1st and 2nd photo.

    The cow milk is boiled with grinded almond, cashew nuts and raisins…very nice and soothing.

  4. Meow again? Sweat~ Well, I agreed that they would need more improvements for their other dishes. So far the Claypot Briyani Chicken and Chicken Tikka with Roti Naan were the best from this branch. Their fried noodles are all miserably useless. Even the gravy for their chicken chop was rather diluted. A little credit should be given to their economy style dishes. Some of the dishes were quite good.

  5. Haha. I passed by this restaurant few days ago and got attracted by the ‘claypot’ word. Briyani in claypot is interesting. Thinking to go there and try one day… Wow! You are fast!

    Anyway, thanks for the review. Now, I know what should I order, and what I should not.

  6. little inbox, the tandoori chicken is very nice as Criz take 1 hour plus to finish that few pieces.

    CK, I never know there got. I used to drink fresh cow milk teh tarik at Sri Ananda.

  7. Allie, I think they copy our chinese’s claypot chicken rice 1.

    AO, you always said u have no money. Sure u wanna follow?

    FoodPromo, you should for this branch only. Not the other, cause the rest are no go.

  8. I wonder why i never seen that push cart stall selling Badam Milk 🙁 Still around??? Once I Tried Sri Ananda cow’s milk tea..urggghh disaster. It was burnt…I Think they had to many orders…When they have too many customers, they won’t do it. Not even the Falooda 🙁

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