Nice Spicy Food, Banana Leaf @ Passions Of Kerala

Ever since a hectic incident about BSA sending letter personally to all the small, medium industries, a lot of my customer also received the love letter. In this letter BSA is very caring about the licensing issue, they will offer FREE concerned checkup services to certain companies and if found there are pirated softwares installed, they will issue empathy summons to them. Well, thanks to the touching BSA, I have to check and perform individual inventories to all my customers’ PC to make sure that there are no piracy in their system, hence I got no time to update my post.

Finally these are all over now and I can have some rest and continue with what I have left of. For those who love to eat Indian food especially banana leaf rice, Passions of Kerala is the place you should visit. It is located in Services Road off Burma Road.

Below is the Wikimapia’s GPS location: 

The is the view outside the restaurant at Services Road.

Ok, this lady is called Cindy and she was joining us for our lunch. She is still single and looking for good guy. If anyone is interested to know her please drop me a comment. By the way, I don’t know if she is too unique or I am too out. She told me that this is her first time taking banana leaf rice. While having it she commented that banana leaf rice is nothing so special because she was expecting banana leaves to be grained and cooked together with the rice. Anyone who is willing to teach her more about our local tradition and delicacies especially banana leaf rice, please also drop me comments. 

The Heineken-sponsored “Passions Of Kerala” signboard.

The Guinness-sponsored Passion of Kerala signboard with price list. The price shown here is not expensive at all.

This is the entrance to the restaurent. This building is a pre-war building.

Decoration of chilis and spices, for display purposes only.

The interior decoration 1. Another 2 more beer sponsored signboard at the corner.

Interior decoration 2 with an Indian lady dancing.

Nice orange lassi, which I find it to be very competitive with Woodland’s orange lassi. The taste of yogurt is very thick and if you like thick yogurt, you will most probably like this the lassi.

The banana leaf rice with the curry on top along with 4 other dishes. The curry can be mixed with dalca, fish or chicken curry.

Hot and spicy curry chicken. The spiciness of the curry is just nice and not too mild or too hot. 

Fried balsam pear, a very special type of dish. So far I have never tried this before in Chinese restaurants. Only available at Indian restaurants.

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Food Presentation

5 thoughts on “Nice Spicy Food, Banana Leaf @ Passions Of Kerala”

  1. Hi Steven ,
    such ahsamed that i did`nt manage to drop in there during my short 2 weeks in PG , the food looked yummy , price sound reasonable ?
    We went to Golden Triangle in Quuensbay Mall on my last day stayed in PG ,even the atmosphere is good but the food totally overpriced, came in very small portion , taste wise nothing extraordinary .
    May i comment most drivers in Pg are very agrresive and it completely outraged, so much to put up with , my poor husband drove every single day when we are there

    kind regards

  2. Jacqueline, I am sorry to hear that. It seems like you have been to the wrong place for dinner. The name already tell you “golden”, you can imagine the price. I never been to that place before. Anyway, you should have tried out Sri Ananda or Woodland (Pure veggie) on my previous posts. Those are better places. Even Passions of Kerala is also very nice as you can see the price list on top. There are 6 of us went to that place and averagely we only spend RM12 per person.

  3. Steven

    Is there no end to your talent!!!! Computer expert, food critic and now a match maker. If only I was 20 years younger.



    P.S. Food looks great

  4. “…. she was expecting banana leaves to be grained and cooked together with the rice”

    omg!! she’s cute man!! simply love her.. pls welcome her to my 38 gang.. haha

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