Mixed Neutered Labrador Looking For Home

I have just received an email from Will C and it’s about a mixed Labrador looking for home. The dog is so cute and tame, I wish I can have her, too bad my JJ already occupied the whole compount of my house. If anyone of you are interested in having such nice dog please drop me a comment or can message Will C directly. Below are the details:

Ginger is a gentle,  good companion mixed neutered Labrador .She is able to take simple instructions such as ” shake hands”,  ” sit ” and  “Come”.  So gentle that you can pat her while she is eating. A good pacing companion for morning and evening walks,  With a leash , she stops when you stop  and walks when you walk: she never pulls the leash.

She is looking for  a home because the owners have to relocate outside  the country  for a while.
She comes with part of a 3 kg of dog biscuit, leash, doggie collar.  She has been dewormed and innoculated against distemper 2 years ago. 

She is also not choosey about food: eats vegetables, pulp ( leftover from juicing fruits). boneless meats , low salt is ok.

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  1. steven, very sorry to said that i had deleted ur comment on my latest post. I had read ur comment. thank you for being so straight. I’m happy with ur comment. Lolz…….

  2. I did it not because i dun wanna let others see. Its because the post u commented is not officially released by me…… If u have any comment or doubts. Please msg me in my blog.

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