Wedding And Funeral Just Happened Side by Side

Just imagine that you had planned for your wedding years that you are so waiting for the most precious moment, you are some happy and excited. You can’t sleep the whole night as this is the greatest moment of your life.

Suddenly you just notice that someone from next door is crying. You feel very funny and go across to find out more details. To your surprise your neighbour mother just passed away and  your wedding day is tomorrow. As Chinese we practice a lot of abstinence. Will you proceed with your wedding plan?

Below will be the video that I had captured where wedding and funeral just happened side by side. What a magnificent moment.

10 thoughts on “Wedding And Funeral Just Happened Side by Side”

  1. Both also bungalows right? house so big @@
    Still okay if my house as big as them, I think won’t be influenced for you to proceed your wedding party

    If you house have any elder people, may be they just advice you to cancel your wedding right? but what to do? you had given your wedding invitation to all your relatives and friends

  2. MerDuriaN, that’s why I am not sure of. If proceed old people sure not happy off. If not to proceed, the grand events that planned for so long have gone as waste. Like Chingy said Ironic.

    Bb community, u are near perfact. It’s actually halfway to Tanjong Bungah. Is near to Youth Park. Btw, bb community how come u know Penang so well? Are you originally here? or your another half is from Penang?

  3. haha, i studied 2 years diploma over there ma~
    btw, i alwiz go “back” pg de, coz i got so many friends staying there~
    next time i go, i mux go n makan all stalls of wan ton mee, wahaha, i 1 2 be the king of wan ton mee! ki siao liao~

  4. bb community, sure next time u come here I will give you the title of Wan Ton Mee King. Btw, wat is your opion on Penang best wan ton mee? any suggession?

    kacuak, ya man… how I wish I can fly freely like you to avoid all the jam.

  5. i donno wor, as long as wan ton mee i’ll try out~
    but hoh, got one condition, i dont like wan ton mee which served together with taugeh eh. (But i think u blog about that, right? pai seh ya, different taste haha~)

  6. bb community, wan ton mee with taugeh?? yucks…. I never like that and I don’t think I have blog that before. Are you sure you read the right blog?

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