Matsuki – Nice and Affortable Sukiyaki

There are a lot of Japanese Restaurants around Penang Island. Usually, if the food is nice then the price will be very expensive, vice versa.

Front_3 It’s seems like nice and affordable hardly come together. However, there still a restaurant that has cheap and nice Japanese food. “Matsuki” is the name. It’s at the Cantonment Road (Cross Road that connect Gurney Drive with Pulau Tikus)


So far the food that I found there are thumbs up and affordable the best of all is the ‘Sukiyaki’ from this place.Shop_3

Environ_2 With only RM18 per set, you can get a bowl of hot Sukiyaki (Japanese Bah Kut Teh) with the choice of Beef/Chicken.



 Serving together with this set you will have 1 raw egg, for placing it on top of the hot Sukiyaki, 1 cup of Chawanmushi, Miso Sup, starter and dessert. If you are going during lunch time, you will get extra 1 cup of ice-cream as dessert.

3 thoughts on “Matsuki – Nice and Affortable Sukiyaki”

  1. Highly recommended for Sukiyaki lovers at an affordable price! Go there with an empty stomach to ensure you can finish the whole set.

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