Cintra Street Bah Chang

Another good food for sharing. There are people asking me why I always like to publish foods at my blog? Reason is very simple. Food brings me happiness, and I prefer eating then saying bad experiences about myself or other people. The worst I would go, some bad taste experiences.

Frontshop1_1 Topic for today, Cintra Street Bak Chang (Rice Dumpling) Shop.

A lot of times, we can see Bak Chang stall Frontshop2_7 by the road side. Seldom can we see a shop that specialize in selling bak chang. This shop is one of them.

Bahchang2_2 The Bak Chang is well prepared and serve hot.

Golden duck egg yolk covered with soft dumpling rice, chestnut and meat floss. Bakchang3_1

Bakchang1_3 It’s served well with the red bean soup. The combination is supreme especially rainy day.

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