Huge Burger at Hotwheels

Ok, it’s time for makan again. This time I will make it more special, it’s out of Penang Island to mainland. The location is at Autocity Seberang Prai. The place is actually a Restaurant + Pub. The name is call “Hotwheels Restaurant and Pub”

The place is very unique that decorated with super bikes. It gives customers feeling that the boss must be the super bike fan.



20061125_00174_1 I’ve been to the place for only once. When the time I was there, an annoying fly was rounding and patrolling my food that makes me a bit uneasy. Other than that so far I quite like the place. The environment is very cozy and comfort and the foods are very special.


20061125_00175_1 One of them is the Hotweels Burger, it a big burger that able to supply by 4 persons. The price of the burger is only RM19.90. It’s worth a try. 🙂




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