Macalister Mansion, Whiskey Fest 2015

Macalister Mansion, A 100-year-old colonial mansion is located at the central of Georgetown, Penang. Previously, I had written about the Wine Fiesta 2015 at this gorgeous mansion a few months back. This round is the time for Whiskey Fest 2015.


Although Macalister Mansion is old and aged but it is always packed with happening activities. With this round of Whiskey Festa, the event was extended to the poolside with temporary tent set-up.


Although the tent was a temporary set-up, the inner part looked magnificent. It was filled with star light LED and was air-conditioned. It was really breathtaking upon entering the tent.


All the Whiskey sellers were located inside the tent as well. The pots of plants made the ambience more refreshing. There were plenty of couches, chairs and tables for all the patrons to hang around.


Macalister Mansion is so happening until Mr. Macalister himself is also wearing Santa’s hat during this festive season.


During the whiskey session, patrons were holding their glass around to test different kinds of whiskey.


Not only there were a lot of whiskeys, there were also many beautiful waitresses who were serving whiskeys.


During the event, there was also a live band performing beautiful pieces to entertain the crowd.

macalister_mansion_whiskey_fiest34 macalister_mansion_whiskey_fiest35 macalister_mansion_whiskey_fiest36 macalister_mansion_whiskey_fiest37 macalister_mansion_whiskey_fiest38

Whiskeys from US, Italy, Scott and even Japan could be found here.


Among them were 2 Scotch Whiskeys that are unique and new to us, The Coopers Choice and The Single Cask.

macalister_mansion_whiskey_fiest01 macalister_mansion_whiskey_fiest02

The flow goes on with Highland Park Single Malt Dark Origins and Macallan Fine Oak. I personally love The Macallan Fine Oak 15 years which tasted smooth and value for money.

macalister_mansion_whiskey_fiest03 macalister_mansion_whiskey_fiest04

One of the famous brands, Glenglassaugh was also on the rack. Revival and Evolution are their signatures. Evolution is my choice as maybe I find Revival is slightly too strong for me.

macalister_mansion_whiskey_fiest05 macalister_mansion_whiskey_fiest06

Besides Whiskey, Grappa also made its appearance at the showcase. Marolo is one of the famous Grappa producers. Despite the strong alcohol content from Grappa, I still prefer Whiskey on their smoothness.

macalister_mansion_whiskey_fiest07 macalister_mansion_whiskey_fiest08

Monkey Shoulder is something never come across my list after I have tasted Whiskey so many times. To my surprise, it is something smooth and rich. Glenfiddich is still my choice of Whiskey no doubt after so many rounds of tasting.

macalister_mansion_whiskey_fiest10 macalister_mansion_whiskey_fiest11

Dalmore, this is the brand for the exclusive. There are not many times I have tried this whiskey. In fact, if I had the load, I would go for this brand. Kraken Rum is not my option as I don’t even have rum in my mind.

macalister_mansion_whiskey_fiest13 macalister_mansion_whiskey_fiest14

Besides the great whiskeys, there were also Canapés being served during the event night, and those Canapés were marvellously great.

  • Marinated Tuna with Smoked Mussel Floss and Chilli Gel
  • Chicken Tikka Masala, Macadamia Crust and Mango Relish
  • Barbeccued Enttrecote (Beef) with Fried Onion and Blue Cheese Sauce
  • Yakitori of “Chopitos” with Tomato Salsa and Jalapeno Espuma
  • Confit Potato with Beetroot Samosas
  • Smoked Salmon, Dill, Capers and Lime Ali-Oli
  • Tempura of Butter Fish and Mango

macalister_mansion_whiskey_fiest15 macalister_mansion_whiskey_fiest16macalister_mansion_whiskey_fiest12 macalister_mansion_whiskey_fiest17 macalister_mansion_whiskey_fiest18

The Whiskey Fest 2015 in Macalister Mansion is a great event for those that love to try out different types of Whiskey. In fact, it is a fruitful as we get to know some fame and famous people besides gaining knowledge on Whiskey in terms of taste and grade.

For those who are interested in the next year Whiskey Fest, you can always email or call in for details:

Address: 228, Jalan Macalister, 11400 Penang.
Contact: 04-2283888
GPS location: 5.4208356, 100.318737

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