Lunas, Crunchy and Tasty Duck Rice – TanKee

Ok, another on my list. Surely I will get a lot of complaints why always introduce duck rice, why not fried rice or damien rice? Actually is not on purpose but coincident that I have dropped by so many duck rice stalls.

The particular duck rice stall is located at Lunas town. I had tried to locate the actual location under Wikimapia but too bad I only able to zoom until town view level, the rest is out of border.

Anyway, Lunas is just a small town and the name of this shop is call “Tan Kee”. It is located beside the main road to the town. The stall again is another duck rice shop. It’s a PRO shop that only sells duck rice and no other. Check out the wrinkle of the sign board you already know this shop already operate for quite sometime.

Check out this logo, there are a few competitors there. According to local people there, this is the best in Penang and KulimPCK. However, there is another shop that sell even better but it’s located out of town. Too bad no guidance there, if anyone of you do know the location please let me know so that I can explore out.

The “Chai Bui” soup as usual that always comes in a set with duck rice. Too bad it still not as tasty as  Taman Lip Sin – Roasted Duck Rice (If you had missed out my previous post click here for details)

“Loh Nui” (Black gravy ) and “Loh Tau Fu” (Black gravy ), this is just an appetizer. In Taiwan, people there used to tapao these into the cinema for snack. Too bad that is not practical in .

The Duck is prepared in a way that the skin is very crunchy crust thin . The soft tenderness of the duck meat mix with bean sauce gravy is just so good to be true. The plate below is for 2 persons portion. If there are more people in a group they will estimate more portion. So far compare to the previous posts that I published, the tast of the duck skin from this stall is still the best. Of course great food come with great price (Great power come with great responsibility) and the price is not as cheap as previous post of duck rice that I had, for 2 persons, its costs RM25. Another advise, do not go there during lunch time if you don’t have time. As you know commercialized location always with people.

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8 thoughts on “Lunas, Crunchy and Tasty Duck Rice – TanKee”

  1. duck rice, i’m “normal interested” only..
    chai bui, my favorite~
    ei, steven, how come u can go around so many place de? now to lunas pula, u work as IT marketing can travel around oftenly?

  2. bb community, as a marketeer I sure have to go out to meet customers often. That’s why I go everywhere to eat. To be honest all the published foods are mostly filtered. If without filter, I think now already reach thousands over post 🙂

  3. walao eh~ u really EAT wor~
    i’m not good at tasting food, that’s y i seldom write about food post. btw, any place’s wan tan mee is the best? mind to share with us? (i’m wan tan mee lover, hehe~)

  4. great post! i like the way u lay out the pics… so that’s one of the great advantage being a marketer, can go ‘liak jua’ 🙂

  5. Mercury, Lunas town is located at Kulim with is border to Kedah. Is a small town and no thing much special there except Kulim Hi-Tech Park.

  6. Limauu, wat “Liak Jua”? I am very hardworking 1. I only eat these during my lunch time. (Pretend to be very hardworking, don’t tell my boss about this). Btw, Limauu wat is your job nature?

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