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Talking about ChiliSpicy food, of course we will think of Thai food. As we know Thai food like tomyam or pat prik will make you Sweat. Tasting Thai food is like eating red hot chili pepper. My destination today is quite well known, it’s located at Super Tanker in Taman Lip Sin.

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Check out the spicy food stalls, they are located side by side just near to the main road. Both the stalls have similar design and both also sell Thai hot and spicy food. 

Spicy Food Stall1
Spicy Food Stall 2 

The first dish that served to us is the Belacan chicken. My advise to the foreigners do not order this dish if you don’t like the smell of your own shoe. If you are planning on organizing AXN Fear Factoror JackAss movies, please order this. For Asian people, I believe you all sure like the smell of belacan. It’s like the best aroma that ever gets. Better than the smell of Lavender

Great Belacan Chicken

Shot from different angle with spicy chili sauce. This chili sause is a must with the combination of belacan. Is like Sambal & Belacan.

Belacan Chicken with Spicy Chili

Kau Pat Prik, from the picture taken below you already know that this is not an ordinary spicy food. This dish is served with Rice and cooked with Chicken, Prawn, Chili and Onion. Anyway, I like the gravy of this dish. It’s just another combination of sweet, sour and extra spicy. 

Spicy Kau Pat Prik
Spicy Kau Pat Prik 2

Tomyam Soup Noodle, another spicy food. Usually, in Penang there are a lot of people selling Tomyam soup noodle. Anyway, this is one of the best where I find the spices and the soup is well mixed the spicy level is just nice for the spicy lover. 

Spicy Noodle 1
Spicy Noodle 2

Keng Som Fish, I order this dish is because somebody told me this dish is to “Cheak Cheng Cheng”(吃清清), in Hokkien this mean that particular food is served without spiciness or even if served with chili, it will be very mild also. However, I was cheated. This is the ultimate dish compare to the rest. The reason being is from the look, it really does looks like the mildest compared to the rest. This is not until you put it into your Mouth. The spiciness does not take effect immidiately in your mouth but it will only burn you with it after passing your throat. 

Spicy Keng Som Fish
Spicy Keng Som Fish 2
Spicy Keng Som Fish 3

This is the after math result of “Red Hot Chili Pepper” after trusting people with “Cheak Cheng Cheng”.
Picture of Red Hot Chili Pepper
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  1. i’ve tired but i do think that is normal level for me..and the spice not so nice, you gotta try the place at batu maung, forgot the name, that is my top list for tom yam!

  2. Janice, that’s great to know got some other place that better then this. I just rated 3 stars for this. If can I also want taste some 5 stars tom yam. Do let me know once you remember the place 🙂

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