iKOPI – A Place To Relax And Enjoy

If you are looking for a place to hang out or relax in the bustling city of Kuala Lumpur, try out this place called iKopi. This place is very cozy and relaxing. The owner of the shop makes this place like a classical coffee hut similar to Taiwanese concept.

Believe it or not, the location of this place is published on Wikimapia. According to the owner, this place is full of Japanese tourists as their shop was shown on Japanese’s Traveling Magazine before.

The location of this place is at 2nd floor on a shoplot near Petaling Street. For detail visit Wikimapia GPS link as below:


iKopi EntranceCorridor to iKopi

Basically, most of the usual concept coffee shops will only provide you with your drink without showing you the process of making it. However in iKOPI, it is different. The staff will come to you to show you how to brew Syphon Coffee. In brief Syphon coffee is also known as Vacuum Coffee. With this process the coffee is prepared with a vacuum coffee brewer (Vac Pot).

Below are the 2 photos taken at the walkway after the main entrance. Watch out for the red “wooden” Chinese door. They are actually an elevator painted to be like a Chinese classical door.

This is the entrance to iKopi place. It is just beside the red “wooden” elevator. The slogan ‘Home of Coffee’

For coffee lovers, you have to order the syphon coffee. This is the only method that you will drink the coffee with pure taste of coffee and its natural aroma as the water vaporise as steam, up to the container and mix with the coffee powder and drop down again through the filter. Check out the cool demonstration process below:

Syphon CoffeeSyphon Coffee Close Up

For cold drinks lovers, no worries. You will have a variety of choices too. One of the drinks is the cold chocolate drink as shown at below picture. The taste is nice.

Cold Choc

The interior design so soft and relaxing. You can also check out all the pictures hanging around. All of them are taken by the owner of this shop as he is a professional photographer. Other than that you can also check out the collection of all kind of coffee brewer around the shop.

Actually we are so lucky to meet up with the owner of iKopi and had an exclusive interview session with him. Below is the video session
Summary in English of the owner’s explanation.
The owner of iKopi find that now is the right timing to come out with this concept. If too early people were unable to accept this concept and the overhead will be more and hard to survive. The owner got this idea due to the exibition on certain fairs, where they had demostrated the syphon coffee and people keep asking him where can they find that?
The concept of this coffee house is a mixture of Taiwanese style with local. The design of this place is also different from the usual tea house as there are too many of them existed already. As per described by the owner, this place is mainly for relaxation and he is focusing more on quanlity instead of quantity. The boss still hasn’t planned to invest in Penang yet until later stage when the timing is right

9 thoughts on “iKOPI – A Place To Relax And Enjoy”

  1. Syphon Coffee? Interesting name…but have been wondering how does kopi tarik would taste like? I love teh tarik and KL makes the best teh tarik…

  2. Limauu, ya very nice name is like classic and eligent name to be for Syphon. Anyway, where is the nice teh tarik that you mentioned? may be can find a day to go review too.

    Mercury, you should go out more.

    bb comunity, this was what I thought of too when I saw the crew performing to us.

  3. Another place you can check-out is a place called Coffee Ritual at Phileo Damansara 1, section 16, Petaling Jaya. They also served this kind of coffee.

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