Lucky Dessert, Gurney Plaza – The Unusual Way For Dessert

Where in town can you get the taste of durian when you really crave for it even it is not in season? I am not sure about others, but for me I am a durian fan. I would go for durian if I know there are good ones. Trying out fresh durian is very common. Have you ever tried out dessert which is made from fresh durian?

One of the special places for special dessert is no other than Lucky Dessert. It is not hard to locate Lucky Dessert at all. If you know how to go to Gurney Plaza, head to lower ground level and in front of the food court you will see this Lucky Dessert stall.

Durian Wrapz – RM5.00. The first that I am going to introduce in the list which is also one of my favorites, the durian wrap. The durian flesh was blended, topped with fresh cream and wrapped in a soft and smooth egg and flour coat. The durian was from grade D13 which contained the delightful localized taste.

Mango Wrapz – RM5.00, besides the durian wrap, the mango wrap was made in the same way as well. The difference was it was stuffed with mango instead of durian filling. For those that dislike durian taste, this is another option for with a refreshing taste.

Trinity Mango Delight – RM9.00, the the soup was made of coconut milk, full cream milk and whipped cream. The base for mango was a mixture of fresh mango cubes and the mango puree. The puree was self made rather than ready-made which was more fresh and tasty.  It was then topped with sago balls and also pomelo fruit slices.

Trinity Durian Delight – RM10.00, most of the ingredients of this dish are the same as Trinity Mango Delight, except it used mango cubes and mango puree. I still prefer the durian flavor, maybe I am a real durian-lover.

Banana Krisp – RM12.00, this dessert was made of 1/2 slice of banana and thin layer of chocolate cake, then rolled together and topped with black sesame and icing sugar. The taste of the banana, crispy roll and chocolate cake blended in very well. It was a very spectacular dish.

Durian Krisp – RM14.00, again instead of banana, the inner was stuffed with mashed durian as well as butter cake as base. This is specially dedicated to durian lovers. The feeling of having durian krisp was like biting soft durian together with some crunchy cookie. The combination was phenomenal.

Mango Rolls – RM6.00, the inner filling was mango slices, it was covered with a layer of glutinous rice flour and topped with decimated coconut which the whole dessert was made like a swiss-roll. The mango itself was slightly sourish but overall, it was a very appetizing dish.

Durian Rolls – RM6.00, instead of inner mango it was replaced with mashed durian. This round, I prefer mango as the sweetness and the combination of decimated coconut tasted more appetizing than the durian filling.

Nutty Ginger Lucky Ball – RM7.00. Glutinous rice ball coated with brown sugar ginger gravy. Served with mashed peanut, coconut, sesame and sugar as seasoning. The taste was very unique, just like a dried-style glutinous rice ball.

Italian Mixed Herb Jell-O – RM12.00. The ingredients of this dessert were honeydew, mango, papaya, watermelon, glass jelly, strawberry and topped with basil seeds. A very refreshing dessert.

Lime Snow Ice – RM6.90. The lime juice was frozen in ice cubes. It was then ground until fine and topped with some canned pineapple and lychee. The taste was very sourish. If you don’t want to fall asleep, this will be the best dessert for you.

Black Sesame Snow Ice – RM6.90. The black sesame was grained, blended and made into ice cubes. It was then grained finely and topped with mashed peanut, coconut, sesame and sugar. Very delightful dessert.

Lucky Chestnut – RM5.50, one of the signature desserts here was the chestnut paste. The chestnut was cooked and ground finely and made into paste. It was topped with coconut milk. The taste of the chestnut paste was similar to mixture of lotus seed and peanut. It tasted good.

Set Lunch with Pancake – RM8.90, Set Lunch with Roll – RM9.90

Overall, I love most of the desserts here. Especially those that made of durian. However, one of the drawback here is there are no main courses here, just only desserts. If the desserts can be served together with a main course as a set meal, that will be perfect.

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Quick Facts:

Family Friendly
Pork Free
Credit Card
Private Room
WIFI Available

Operation hours: 10:00am – 10:00pm (7 days a week)
Contact: 012-400 6888 (Miss Chan)
Address: GP-170-B1-K19/20 Lower Ground Floor, Gurney Plaza, Penang.
GPS: 5° 43′ 78.50″ N, 100° 30′ 97.89″ E

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