Kopitiam Kheng Hai, Simpang Ampat – Duck Egg Kaya Toast

Do you ever feel curious of how is the taste of kaya made from duck egg? How will the color and the texture be for the duck-egg kaya? Will the kaya be more delicious and aromatic?

You will be the one who is asking this question if you have never been to Kopitiam Kheng Hai before. If you had been to this Kopitiam, you will surely know what I meant of toast with duck-egg kaya.

It is neither difficult nor is easy to locate Kopitiam Kheng Hai. It is located at Simpang Ampat. If you take the highway exit from Northern side of Simpang Ampat, turn left to Jalan Bukit Tambun and keep driving for 1 km until you reach at the traffic light T junction. Then turn left to Jalan Simpang Ampat and keep moving for another 20 meters. You will arrive to another traffic light to Jalan Tasek. Keep driving for 1 km until you see Patronas on your right handside, then you are near to the destination. Keep driving for another 200 meters and you will see a row of shop houses on the right where the corner of the shop is called Kopitiam Kheng Hai.

Kopitiam Kheng Hai is not located in any town area or having any popular landmark nearby. However this place is always crowded with people during weekends. A lot of people from different states came to this place for its unique dishes.

The coffee shop here is not only famous for its duck-egg kaya, but it is also famous for its chai kuih (vegetable dumpling). As you can see the owner was busy packing and serving the chai kuih.

The preparation for the breakfast started from firing up the charcoal stove.

The breads were then placed on top of the charcoal and grilled till golden brown.

At this stage, the whole coffee shop would be full of toasted bread aroma. It is a wake up call to those that are still sleepy. The golden colored toasts were then transferred to another stage for finishing process.

In a very surprising and unique handling process, the toasts were passed to a person standing next to a classical wooden food cabinet. I have no idea why it needs to be done in a wooden cabinet. Perhaps by doing so can preserve the aroma of the toast.

The person in charge would apply the duck-egg kaya, jam, peanut butter or butter on the toasts.

Toast on kaya/ butter – RM1.20 per piece. A simple yet delicious charcoal-toasted bread covered with duck-egg kaya and butter.

Due to the kaya was made of duck egg, the kaya was very smooth and soft. The taste was also thicker compared to those using chicken egg. It was definitely worth to be tried.

Kopi-O (Black Coffee) – RM0.80, the black coffee here was very thick and full of nice coffee aroma. It was a perfect match to the toast.

There were 2 types of chai kuih available at this coffee shop. One of which was made of chives and the other one was made of yam and carrot.

Chai Kuih with yam and carrot – RM0.60, the yam and carrot were sliced and pan-fried together with dried shrimps.  It was then made as a filling of the kuih. The smell of the dried shrimp mixed well with the yam and carrot. The skin of the kuih was also very soft and smooth. I loved the chai kuih here.

Chai Kuih with chives – RM0.60. Besides the chai kuih with yam and carrot, there was also the classical and common chai kuih that was made of chives. They tasted good as well. However, I still prefer the yam and carrot type.

Overall, the breakfast here was very good. The kaya that was made of duck egg was smooth and soft. The toast done by the charcoal could not be commonly seen nowadays. The coffee was full of aroma and the chai kuih was delicious. However, it was hard to get parking during weekends. Also it would be packed with people if you come here around 8am – 10am. Unfortunately, you would not be able to call in for reservation.

Editor’s Review (5 Stars Rank):

Food Presentation

Quick Facts:

Family Friendly
Pork Free
Credit Card
Private Room
WIFI Available

Operation hours: 11:00am – 3:00pm (7 days a week)
Address: Jalan Tasek Indah, Simpang Ampat, Pulau Pinang 14120
GPS: 5° 28′ 45.95″ N, 100° 50′ 58.90″ E

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