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Recently I finished reading a book The Secret. I find that it is a good book and hope to share with all of you. The book is about Law Of Attraction. The Law Of Attraction states that “everything that’s coming into your life you are attracting into your life. And it’s attracted to you by virtue of the images you’re holding in your mind. It’s what you’re thinking. Whatever is going on in your mind are attracting to you”. – Rhonda Byrne.

You won’t believe that some of the greatest people in history like Plato, Shakespeare, Newton, Hugo, Beethoven, Lincoln and Einstein had practiced The Secret before. For me, it took me 6 months to really dig up more about The Secret. I was told by many people about Law Of Attraction by Anthony Robbins that it is very powerful and you have to believe in it. It’s like the Law Of Gravity that will not fail to apply on anything in this universe.

I didn’t really believe in it until I met a very successful businessman that is practising and reminding me about The Secret again. He told me, in order for you to get success you have to always feel good and visualise all the things that you want in life.  The more detailed you visualise, the nearer you are to your goal. Anyway, feeling good and visualising about your success is good but do not be too overwhelmed as eventually this will make things worse.

After getting these advices, I decided to draw up a visual board of what I want in life and below is one of my dreams, a multimillion ringgit condo – The Cove. This is the first time I have visited this condo as it belongs to one of my customers. I was there to fix his wireless access.

The view from the condo which stands up to 3o floors and more and each floor only has a single unit.


The entrance to one of the blocks.

The walk way and the park.

The swimming pool


The view from the master bedroom.

Decoration inside the master bedroom

Even the bathroom also has its own Jacuzzi and Sauna room

The hall way and the living room

Even the size of the kitchen is bigger than my hall and living room. 

The walkway to the guest rooms

Each of the guest room has a Plasma TV.

For those who wants success, hope that these pictures will help you on attracting your dream house. If this is not the type of dream house that you wish, then you need to find other pictures and hang it somewhere so that you can move toward to your goal.

12 thoughts on “Living with Style @ The Cove”

  1. Wow! Really luxurious! Damm. But my only complain is what if the lift break down and earthquake strike? Touch wood! ;P But it sure is one damm nice place to live in.

  2. Steven,

    Where is this Condo? How much? Looks like my retirement home is sorted out.



  3. Good insight… Everyone should be Positive with their mind/thinking and this really does helps.

    Keep up the good work. (on the blog)

  4. tekkaus, earthquake got parachute mah. Furthermore, so far Penang only got fews minor quake only.

    Yat, is located at Gurney and the owner of this house is from UK too. 1 pound = RM6

    Steve C, thanks for dropping by. Hope to see you in progress with your blog too.

    slowcatchupkuan, keep visualizing and very soon you will own it and I am doing that every day.

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