Back to Nature @ Pantai Kerachut National Park

Usually I will update my blog every weekend. But for the last weekend I have been to some where very special and nice. It is the Penang National Park – Pantai Kerachut. I have been here before and this is the second time we visited. This time we went together with a Nature Tour Guide who explained to us the various parts of the wild. I just love this place because I can let go of all my work and worries here. 

Warning: this post will contain a lot of beautiful pictures, please be prepared to scroll until your fingers  get cramps. 

This is the entrance of the National Park. The office is made from wood to symbolise the nature. Unfortunately, it is sad to see that they had to cut off many beautiful trees in order to build this beautiful office. *Sigh*

The view after a short distance of the entrance.


Signboard reminder to public to protect and conserve the National Park

The hanging Pineapple. Note this is for display purpose only not for your mouth.

Bridge to Taman Negara (It reminds me of the movie “Bridge to Terabithia”) 

Tongkat Ali tree, according to folk’s law the height of the tree is equivalent to the root of the tree. 

According to our tour guide, this damn big tree can release cool air equivalent to 20 horse powers of air conditioners. 

A kind of Fern leave

Trail from the way to Pantai Kerachut

I remember my biology teacher used to bring us a tree branch which has the smell of “Sarsi soft drink”, she asked us whether we knew the name of the tree and after 10 years now I can answer her. It’s called (Medang Kemangi – cinnamomum porrectum). For those who don’t believe it, come to smell it yourself, of course 50sen per smell.

Tree trunk which blocked the way but we still managed to cross over.

The dry season which made the stream even more shallow.

Monkey cup on the ground.

The place where we setup our tents.

Starting up the fire using woods, dry leaves and charcoal.

Some one is giving instruction on how to cook. I wonder the instructor knows how to cook.

Turtle at the hatching center, so cute.

Scenery by the seaside

The scene on the way to waterfall. 

Waterfall at the hill side. 

Thumbs up for the ladies.

Pictures of our tour guide in naked, priceless.

Somebody is so free to stack up the crystal stones.

I am squeezing myself into the picture as I am holding the camera.

Rock which resembles a rabbit

Rock which resembles a crocodile’s head.

On the way back to civilization.

Easier for me now, as the boat man helped us take the photo.

13 thoughts on “Back to Nature @ Pantai Kerachut National Park”

  1. dude……!!!!
    i missed the fun!! damn!!!

    come.. .go again.. day trip… dun want to sleep in the tent one la….

  2. dude, u had defeated the purpose of rest and relax if to and flo in ine day that will be even stress. There are many things to be see during the nite time. I suggest you take a day off and follow us over night there. Btw, we are planning to go Terengganu National Park on our next trip.

  3. wah you really got heart can sambil take photo, sambil jungle trekking hor…
    nice scenery 😀 I really view the picture 1 by 1 de

  4. Dear fans of,

    I represent only the Pantai Kerachut Adventure Team… who wants to join the Terengganu National Park Adventure Team, please write to Steven Goh as he has been recently voted to be the leader of this new team.

    Anyone wishes to go Kerachut can always contact me… thanks!


  5. Ahe, i would like to chop down that “damn big tree”, as my room need an air-cond…lolz. Which part of the tree that release the cool air? Can u feel it?

  6. Michael, what fans club?? I belum sampai ada fanz lagi lah. Furthermore seen when I had become the leader for Terengganu National Park?? Can u ask Ah Zhe if he wanna rombongan there?

    Felex, agree. To balance off our life we need to be off from hussle sometime.

    BB community, seok no use 1. Come here to Penang for 3 days, I bring you to jungle tracking.

    Amei79, you need to get the premission from YB Lim Guan Ying first before you chop that big tree down or else you will get chopped.

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