Do You Believe Your Finger Prints Will Tell Your Character?

A lot of times, business proposition as well as successful of closing sales on certain deals are very much dependent on communication. Therefore effective communication is very important not just on the business aspect, but also between spouse, family members and also friends are very much rely on the effectiveness of communication. Bad communication will put a good relationship to a red light.

I have just been to a seminar today, it’s about an effective communication. All the while I thought effective communication is about soft skills and to understand what the customers want. However, after this course I really know that effective communication covers more than these. Now only I get to know that to effectively communicate with customers, first of all we need to understand his characteristic before we proceed to knowing his needs. As knowing his characteristic we can tune ourselves to their communcation channel.

Eventually, our fingerprint is actually mapped to our personal identification and this is called Dermatoglyphics. This means by reading your finger or palm prints, we can know that what kind of person you are. According to the Master, this study is actually scientifically proven.

For example, look at your left thumb and this is related to communication and networking skill. There are 4 types of main characteristics.

SA type, System Oriented – This type of person will do things according to steps and systems. He/she will not be easily influenced by other people. Small talks and weather condition will never make any changes to his decision making. When dealing with these type of people, you need to be straight to the point and talk techinically. 

UL types, People Oriented – These type of people love to talk a lot. They have a lot of friends, and they love to mix around. They will try to be a good person that will not hurt other people. They are not easy to turn other people down. This type of characteristic is more suitable to handle human resourses post or human relations. They are not suitable to become sales person as they are not easy to close sales.

SW types, Goal Oriented – This type of people are very result driven. Everything they do, there is a purpose. Dealing with this type of person you have to tell them what is their benefit and how much is their cut. Usually this type of person will be very impatient. Questions, weather and family condition will not work for them as well. At times this type of people are so straight forward that they didn’t even know that they had hurt someone during the conversation.

CPW, Multi-Tasking Oriented – This type of people can be at anytime and anywhere. They can know every single person in the neighbourhood. Their characteristic can fluctuate very much, when they are very passionate with something they can focus on that without sleep. If they don’t what something, they will try to avoid or ignore that thing. They are not a good decision maker, everything will be ok for them. Dealing with this type of girlfriend or boyfriend, the other party need to give opinion and final decision. 

 After understanding the 4 main types of Dermatoglyphics, which group are you in? I find it’s very true to me, is it acurate to you too? Please give some feedback so that I can let the master know too.

8 thoughts on “Do You Believe Your Finger Prints Will Tell Your Character?”

  1. Steven, i could not find my print here. But somehow it is closest to SW type. According to the pic, SW is curving up from left to right, mine is actually right to left. So which group am i?

  2. Err, if im referring to my right thumb then it looks exactly like SW, but my left thumb the curve is terbalik. Mine is definitely not UL…. Or do i have weird corak? Kekeke

  3. hmm.. my one is CPW, Multi-Tasking Oriented… seems like I am not good in decision making… wonder…

    but on food… haha… Then I am sure I can make decision anytime any where….

    hi.. nice meeting you.. I am Huat Koay from

  4. cazzycazz, no matter left or right as long as is a whorl shape than you are in SW group. Wao… goal oriented people.

    PenangTuaPui, of course on eating I really want to learn from you. Size does matter 🙂

  5. Wooo… is this a prank? 😛 very cun woooo … but now I need to see all the people thumb print when I shake hands so I know when to be straight forward or not?

    So mah huan !~ any tips to just look at the person and know when to talk straight-forward one bo?


  6. Steve C, you can actually start to analyst a person character 1st and then later you tell him that he is in that particular category. After that u tell him “if you don’t believe me let me see your thumb.” Of course ladies are even better lah.

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