Lighthouse Coffee Bar, Bishop Street – Sipping The Best Coffee In Town

The most looking forward moment of the day is after 6pm, when I can sit down and enjoy a pleasant dinner. The most looking forward moment of the week is on a Sunday peaceful morning, when I can sit down in a cafe while sipping nice and aromatic coffee.


One of the cafes that I love to drop by no matter during weekend or free time to indulge in a good cuppa coffee is Light House Coffee Bar.



Light House Coffee is located at the central of town. If you are driving to town area from Penang Bridge via Beach Street, you will surely drive by OCBC on your left. Keep driving and just before passing by Standard Charters Bank, turn left to Union Street. Keep driving until the junction which leads to the one way street of Penang Street, at the next junction turn into Bishop Street. Drive for another 50 meters and look on your left and you will see Light House Coffee Bar is located there.


Light house coffee bar is a very small and compact coffee house. However, the ambiance of this place is very cozy.


The signature of this place is the aroma of the coffee right after you entered the coffee house.


The wall of fame which is full of sticky notes which makes this place unique too.


The black board at the back of the counter is written with a list of beverages available at the cafe. As for the food menu, you need to ask the staff for it.


Besides beverages, there are cakes available too which were displayed at the counter.


Of all types of coffee available here, I still love the Aussie Strong Latte – RM9.50 as compared with the regular latte and Americano. The taste of Aussie Strong is the most balanced. The bitterness of the coffee is not too much but of course stronger than the regular latte, paired with rich and creamy fresh milk in the coffee and thus making it aromatic and rich.


One good thing about this place is the barrister has the capability of drawing a nice and presentable coffee art. Of course you need to ask the barrister to draw something special for you else it will be a normal swan or heart shape.


Hot Chocolate – RM9, the thick and rich chocolate mixed with fresh milk.


For those non-caffeine lovers, this is one of the options that you can order. The richness of the chocolate makes your heart melt like chocolate.


Red Devil – RM10, This drink was made of pomegranate and added with espresso. It was then added with some lemon juice and crushed ice.


This drink does not even look like any typical coffee drink as it is not black at all. The taste of the drink was sourish and had a very mild of sweetness as this sweetness was naturally out from pomegranate. This drink is very unique and is great to have when under the hot sun.


Smoked Salmon Scramble – RM13.90, Smoked salmon slices, scrambled eggs, rocket and cherry tomatoes served with whole meal bread toast.


The taste of the scramble egg was very appetizing and delicious. It mixed well with the smoked salmon slices and the mixed herbs. I would definitely go back for this breakfast.


Turkey and Chicken Ham Wrap – RM13.90, Rolled with tortilla wrap, filled with hams, cheese, tomatoes and lettuce and spread with in-house dressing.


The smoked salmon and the veggie mixed was a good combination and t was so juicy. The sauce was very delicious as well. This is a great breakfast.


English Breakfast – RM13.50, Chicken Sausage, Chickne Ham, Scrambled egg, baked beans, cherry tomatoes and toasted whole meal bread.


A complete set of breakfast and the usual set for the morning call.


Bagel with Double Cheese Egg – RM10.90, Served with Mozzarella cheese, scrambled eggs with tomatoes and veggie.


It was a usual bagel, nothing much different from other cafes. Just that the taste of the scrambled egg was richer as it had been added with cheese.


Overall, the signature of this place is the coffee. While the food is also very attractive, the drawbacks for this place are the price of the food and beverages selling here is on the high side and it is very hard to get parking especially during working hours.


Editor’s Review (5 Stars Rank):

Price (more stars, more reasonable)
Food Presentation

Quick Facts:

Family Friendly
Pork Free
Alcohol (beer)
Credit Card
Private Room
WIFI Available

Operation hours: 8:30am – 8:30pm, Open Daily.
Contact: 04 263 3628
Address:  Logan Heritage No.4, Bishop Street, Georgetown, 10300 Penang
GPS: 5° 41′ 80.75″ N, 100° 34′ 26.19″ E

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  1. Bo Jio la, i haven’t visited this place before also, mainly because i don’t drink coffee :p but i’m quite interested in trying out those breakfast sets 😀

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