Floating Restaurant (Restoran Terapung), Pulau Aman – Specialized in Seafood Eatery

Tired of having the same regular food in Penang island? Hoping to get something different on the usual weekend and have some adventurous trip? Well, worry no more! There is a place located at the mainland of Penang and you need to take a boat ride to the destination which is on an island. The name of that Island is called Pulau Aman.

In order to get to Pulau Aman, you need to drive to Jeti Batu Musang which is located near Tambun, GPS: 5.265217,100.406732. Upon arriving Batu Musang, you will see a small complex which will lead you to the jetty.


In order to reach Pulau Aman, you need to take a motorboat ride that will take approximately 10min, (RM6 for 2 ways). Upon arriving Pulau Aman, you will see a big welcoming banner written as ‘Welcome to Pulau Aman’. Please don’t expect any cars or taxi to fetch you around on this island. Every move that you make will be by foot step.



Over here at Pulau Aman, you can really feel the simple and relaxing lifestyle which is away from the hustle and bustle of city life. There is neither traffic jam nor air pollution. You can even see the villagers here doing their daily house chores using traditional method. One of the pictures below shows a family of the villagers was busy making “love letter cookies” (Kuih Kapik) with charcoal pit.


From the jetty to the Floating Restaurant (Restoran Terapung) will need another 5 minutes of walk.


Upon arriving the entrance of the restaurant, you will see all the seafood arrived fresh from the catch. Anyway, the catch of the day is really depending on the season and luck. Usually the usual catch will be clams, shrimps, mantis shrimps and flower crabs. However, on the day we arrived the catch available was shrimps only. The shrimps here are generally bigger in size compared to the usual ones that we had from the wet markets.


The restaurant is located at the middle of the sea, and that is why it is known as floating restaurant. While enjoying the dishes you can feel the sea breeze as well.


Fried Prawn Noodle – RM6-RM10. The fried noodles was fried slightly different from the usual Indian style although the main ingredients are still the same: yellow noodles, spring onion, veggie, fish cakes, chilies and 2 big prawns.


The Malay Style of mee goreng is a bit dry compare to the Indian style. The spiciness is more enhanced compare to Indian style as it has been added with bird eyes chili. The aroma of the fried noodle filled up the ambiance when it was served and also the taste of the noodle was good.


Prawn Soup Noodle – RM6-RM10. Most of the ingredients for soup noodle are the same as fried prawn noodle which consist of yellow noodle, spring onions, veggie, fish cakes, chilies and 2 big prawns. The only difference is that the way of cooking, which is served in soup instead of stir-fry.


The taste of the soup was mainly induced by the sweetness of the shrimps, sourish of the tomato and also the spiciness of the chili. For me, to choose between fried and soup-based noodle, I would go for soup-based. This is because it is not too dry and also the natural sweetness of the shrimps are all in the soup.


Fried Rice with Prawns – RM6-RM10, the usual type of fried rice which is served with spring onion, fried onion, veggie and 2 big prawns.


The taste of the fried rice was only regular and the only great thing about this dish was the 2 big juicy fresh prawns. Still, I prefer the noodle soup than this fried rice.


There are many options of drinks available here to quench your thirst. The most famous 2 are the Red Rose Syrup with Lime (Ais Limau Syrup) as for another one will be the Ice Lemon Tea (Teh Ais Limau).


The drinks are also available in jars if many people are sharing.


Overall, the taste of the food here was satisfying. I love the noodle soup especially. The price of the food is reasonable too. Getting here is an adventurous trip while the food served for the day will depend on the catch of the day. Don’t expect too much on the seafood if the sea is rough or it is not the season.

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Quick Facts:

Family Friendly
Pork Free
Alcohol (beer)
Credit Card
Private Room
WIFI Available

Operation hours: 11.00pm-9.00pm (Open Daily)
Contact: 016-495 5125, 019-476 6125
Address:  120 Pulau Aman, 14100 Simpang Ampat, Penang, Malaysia.
GPS: 5° 26′ 27.60″ N, 100° 39′ 04.67″ E

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  1. Very bad service, I tried to make a call to ask for a group lunch, but the person name Kak Mah hp:016-4955125 gave a very bad experiance to me. She said ” Semua barang sini mahal mahal punya saya pun tak boleh confirm harga, tak boleh booking tempat untuk Sabtu dan Ahad. You marilah tengok ada tempat you duduk loh.” So rude untill i hang up her phone.

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