Leong Yin – The Moon Cake Paste Maker

With over 40 years on moon cake business, Leong Yin is one of the famous mooncake paste and manufacturing factories in Penang. Over the years, Leong Yin Pastry has grown to new heights by adapting to a changing environment, and by continuing to expand its own unique core products and market niches.


As the years go by, Leong Yin Pastry Sdn Bhd attained a certain level of prestige for its quality products, offering a wide range of lotus seeds-based paste with different flavors. Within a few years after the relocation, Leong Yin Pastry went global, serving both regional as well as multi-national clientele such as Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Dubai, U.K., U.S., and another eight other countries as well.


Over the years, Leong Yin had produced over four hundreds type of mooncake flavors. In fact, Leong Yin has their own research and development team to produce new flavors to cater for latest market needs.


One of the main selling points of Leong Yin is their lotus paste is made from pure lotus seed. In fact some of the mooncake manufacturers that are selling the so-called lotus paste are actually made of bean paste. The main reason of using bean paste in replacement of lotus paste is due to bean paste is able to return more than 50% of profit margin. The harvest of lotus seeds takes longer process and it is not easy to grow. However, the good things about lotus seed are listed below:

  • Contains ANTI-AGING enzyme which helps to repair damaged cells
  • Contains a natural flavonoid which prevents inflammation
  • High in fiber, it helps to avoid constipation
  • Good source of protein, magnesium, potassium & phosphorus
  • Low in saturated fats, sodium and cholesterol


Every year, Leong Yin will launch new flavors of mooncake with anticipation. This year, there are five flavors listed as below:

  • Wholesome Chocolate Macadamia with Chips 小巧玲珑 – RM19.93. This is my favorite as I am a chocolate lover. The chocolate paste contains macadamia and chips which makes an awesome combination.
  • Gridelin Mellow 金芋满堂 – RM19.93, Custard Paste with Taro Paste. The rich and aromatic custard paste which is mixed with taro paste and sunflower seeds. This is definitely a bonus to taro lovers.
  • Ardent Rhapsody 菊花台 – RM19.93, Chrysanthemum Pu Erh with Red Dates Paste. The combination of chrysanthemum and pu erh tea with some red dates paste is a great combination. The slight bitterness of pu erh tea balances off the rich feeling of mookcake. This mooncake is not only great in taste, but it is also great for our health.
  • Aurulent Lavish 南洋风情 – RM19.93, Gula Melaka with Honey White Lotus Paste. The lotus paste is mixed with honey and some Gula Melaka, giving it a taste of Malaysian flavour that is ‘warm and friendly’.
  • Scarlet Missive 踏雪寻莓- RM19.93, Cranberry Logan Paste. The outer skin is white color and the mooncake is appetizing due to its sourish cranberry logan paste.


Leong Yin is always leading the top in mooncake industries due to its new and unconventional flavors.


Besides the new mooncake flavors, Leong Yin still remains its hot-selling flavors as well as the classical moon biscuits and pineapple biscuits. The moon biscuit is one of the best in the market as it has generous amounts of sunflower seeds and nuts. The nutty feeling is most suitable for someone looking for more protein than carbs like myself.

Leong Yin (Flyer-front)

Leong Yin (Flyer-front) Leong Yin Mooncake are available at:

  • Gurney Plaza
  • Gurney Paragon
  • Gama
  • Sunshine Bayan Baru
  • Sunshine Farlim
  • M Mall O2O Penang
  • Sunway Carnival Mall
  • Pacific Megamall
  • Pacific Taiping Mall
  • Aeon Bukit Mertajam Alma
  • Aeon Kinta City
  • Aeon Queensbay Mall
  • Aeon Mall Taiping
  • CMart Aman Jaya Sungai Petani
  • CMart Simpang Empat Tambun
  • Sungai Petani Center Mall
  • Alor Setar Mall
  • The Store Kampar Road, Ipoh

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  1. can you include the link to Leong Yin website.

    By the way I love your website. It is wonderfully written and reminds me of home especially the video of all the makan places around Pg.

    Thank you for reminding us Overseas Malaysian what home food is like

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