Lean Hup Bee, Butterworth – Dedicated Home Style Cooking

Home style cooking always makes me think of my grandma. I love the traditional coffee shop which preserve the olden days of cooking and food.

One of the places that still serves old style home cooking is no other than Restaurant Lean Hup Bee,  联合美.

This restaurant has been expanding from 1 shop at first to 2 shops today. You can still find the old sign board hanging in front of their right entrance which has been up for decades.

It is not hard to locate this place. If you are driving from Penang using ferry, you will see a traffic light junction once you are out of the ferry. Turn right at the traffic light into the one way street of Jalan Pantai. You will see there is Esso petrol station on your left. Keep driving for 80 meters and you will on see a row of shop houses on your right. Lean Hup Bee is in between the shop houses.

Pig’s Trotter Cooked in Soya Sauce, braised until the pig trotter is soft and it is then cooked with home-mixed soy sauce.

The trotter tasted so soft and it was well marinated. In fact, the fragrance of the toy sauce blended well into the meat. When placed the meat and the lard into your mouth, the lard melted in your mouth and at the same time you could still feel the meat texture as well. The combination was simply divine.

Fried Stuffed Fish with Sambal, this dish is also known as rempah tumis ikan. The fish was stuffed with sambal and some spices. It was then cooked and served with dark soy sauce.

This is also one of the signature dishes. The rempah (spices) was very strong in aroma while the taste of the fish blended in very well with the rempah. The uniqueness of this dish was serving with dark soy sauce. Usually in other places the sambal fish would not be served with dark sauce. However, it was a very unique dish indeed.

Cucumber Slices Cooked in Sour Curry, the cucumber was cut into slices and cooked with prawns and also sour curry.

This was a very appetising dish. The curry was very delicious and it was not very thick. The taste of the curry was sour, sweet and spicy.

Pan Fried Bean Curd, the bean curd was pan-fried together with chilli slices and some spring onions.

It was a very simple yet delicious dish. It doesn’t need any fancy spices nor sauces to complement this. The dish only needs some onions, ginger and soy sauce and it will be marvellous.

Pan fried bitter gourd with soy paste, the bitter gourd was cut into slices and fried with pickled soy beans.

The bitter gourd tasted nice as the bitterness was not too heavy while the pickled soy bean sauce blended very well with the vege. It was a very pleasant dish.

Salty Pickled Veggie Soup, the pickled branch of the veggie was preserved in a salt mug and before being washed and cut into slices. It is usually served together with pork slices in a soup.

The taste of the soup was not over salty and can be treated as stater of a meal due to its appetizing taste.

Overall, the total bill for the above meal was RM38. The dining experience here was acceptable while the taste of the food was excellent. I would definitely make a come back for lunch. There are plentiful of parking slots available just in front of the coffee shop.

Editor’s Review (5 Stars Rank):

Food Presentation

Quick Facts:

Family Friendly
Pork Free
Credit Card
Private Room
WIFI Available

Operation hours: 9:00am – 3:30pm (Close on Sunday & Public Holiday)
Contact: 016-477 0660
Address:28 & 30, Jalan Pantai, 12000 Butterworth, Penang
GPS: 5° 39′ 86.96″ N, 100° 36′ 58.79″ E

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