Kuching Day 3 – 8 Miles: Char Kuih, Lui Char and Salad Chicken

Finally, the internet connection is getting better now after the few weeks back where the earthquake had broken the sub-cable to Taiwan and China. Therefore, my duty of posting the beauty of the food is back.

Resuming back the trip to Sarawak – Kuching on day 3. This time, I will be describing the food at food court which located 8 miles away from the City. Forgotton the name of the shop, but there are 3 types of foods that are famous there, they are Char Kuih, Lui Char and Salad Chicken Rice.

Char_kuih_6 Char Kuih, which is quite similar as Char Kuih Kak in Penang. However, the different is the way they prepare with 2 kinds of flavor. They come with sweet or salt selection. The sweet type of Char Kuih is the one that differences compare to Penang type. The sweet Char Kuih known to be a desert plate for the people there.

Lui_char_1 Lui Char, a type of Hakkah Clan food. The preparations of the food include 7 types of vegetable that cook with porridge and mince meet. When serving, some peanuts will be giving along to better of the taste of it.

Salad_chicken_1 Sarawak salad chicken rice. The preparation of this food is very similar to “Brother” chicken rice at Jalan Tengah, Penang. For those of you that don’t know what I mean, please find a day to visit Jalan Tengah food court and order the salad chicken rice there. You will be greeted by the owner, “Brother, what do you want?” for guy or “Sister, what do you want?” for lady. The only different of Salad Chicken in Penang and Kuching is you can see many stores around in Kuching instead of 1 or 2 only in the whole Penang Island.

Finally, this concluded my trip to Kuching. Hope that all the food guides given will help you when you visit Kuching one day.

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