For Salmon and Sukiyaki lover – Sakae Sushi

Only now I got “extra” time. Why are we saying so? As if the time can be top-up for additional hour. Still a lot of people would prefer saying “I have no time”. Well, working in current post is very different as my previous role. As a technical support agent, we just need to be pack for that certain period of hours only, other time we are free. However, as a sales personnel we need to work extra long hours and prepare to sacrifice your precious time to company. Sometime you might also need to bring work home especially last minute deal.

Back to the main topic while cheap and delicious usually shouldn’t be together, however the story is different this time. In this case not just the food is nice, in fact the service is also up to standard. This is today topic, Japanese restaurant – Sakae Sushi. For salmon and sukiyaki lover, you should try this dinning place out.

20070211_0020320070211_00201A plate of salmon sushi is only worth RM1.90 with 2 pieces. Compare to usual price for same order, some restaurant charge RM4 per plate. Moreover, the salmon is fresh and so does the washabi. The only left out is this restaurant won’t place the ‘sweet sauce’ on the table unless you order it. This sweet sauce is a must to your sushi. Believe me; you will taste the different from other restaurant that provide this similar sauce.

20070211_00206_1  20070211_00207For sukiyaki lover like me, the serving at this restaurant is very different from other which the meat is prepared in raw. Customer can cook it themselves up to their own preference. Typical serving is cooked together in the pot without much choice. Despite this, you got the control. Moreover, the price for chicken sukiyaki is RM15.90 and beef sukiyaki is RM17.90 only.

Lastly, even this place had been commercialized. I hope that the quality of food and the service would still be remaining the same.

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