Kuching Day 2 – Green Road Gu Bak Mee and Sarawak Laksa

Well, this post was just completed after I had come back from Sarawak as I have limited access to my internet there. Not the facilities of internet infrastructure are out but it’s the schedule that packed.

Day 2 at Sarawak, Gu Bah Mee (Beef noodle) and Sarawak Laksa at Green Road. These two dishes are also made uniquely Sarawak. There are no simply places in Malaysia you can ever taste them.

Img_0737 Gu Bah Mee, the noodle base is very similar to Kolok mee, the differences are the meat, source and soup. The meats are sliced into pieces, served with home made source and also a bowl of bean sprouts soup.

Sarawak Laksa, very different from Penang or Siam Laksa. Neither, it tastes as sour as Img_0739 Penang Laksa nor as rich as Siam Laksa. The taste of Laksa is much moderate. It is very suitable for the people that hate extreme sour or rich. However, still want to try a bit of each. (To be continue…)


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