Kuching Day 1 – The Origin of Kolok Mee and 3 color Teh See Peng

This is the 4th time I have been to Kuching, Sarawak. The first few times I haven’t had any chance to check the food out here. This time I am well prepared.

The first destination after we arrived at Kuching Airport is a Coffee Shop located at Lebuh Sekma. An important thing to remember in Kuching is to have your breakfast or lunch on time. You will hardly get any food if you pass the usual time.

Kolokmee_2 Here you can try Kolok Mee with 2 choices available. Kolok Mee is a kind of noodle which is quite similar to Wantan Mee ‘Kon Lou’ (Dry) in West Malaysia. You can choose to have with either red or white sauce. It is served with some Char Siew (BBQ Pork) and minced pork.

You can also try out the ‘3-colored Teh See Peng’ (the bottom layer is gula melaka, then the evaporated milk, and topped with the original tea)


This post has been re-amend, due to reader request of completion report. As a conclusion, Kolok Mee and 3-colored Teh See Peng are few of the specialties of Sarawak. If you ever dropped by to Sarawak, remember to have a try of these 2 items. (To be continue….)

2 thoughts on “Kuching Day 1 – The Origin of Kolok Mee and 3 color Teh See Peng”

  1. bro,

    the teh see peng do not use gula melaka, its called gula apong – locally produced, taken from the nipah tree

  2. as for the kolo mee, there is no white sauce, its just plain i.e no red sauce – the red sauce is actually the BBQ pork juice with some coloring

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