Kuala Perlis – RM1.80 for a cup of Teh Tarik


Alright, I was told by some of my readers not to focus too much on good food introduction. I should provide some critics as well. Therefore, in this post I will be going to place something that I felt terrible.

The stall is located at Kuala Perlis and its name is ‘Selera Kampong’. It was located just outside the Ferry terminal at Kuala Perlis. As a Technical Consultant in the Sales team of my ex-company, we used to have a lot of company trips. One of them was fully sponsored trip to Langkawi inclusive of liquors. LOL. Look at the ladies below are so happy, not until they visited that stall.

We were waiting for the ferry and we thought that we could enjoy some refreshment until we dropped by at this stall. We have ordered a lot of drinks and I, myself had a cup of my usual teh tarik…Yeah..!

I am not sure if the currency exchange at Perlis is higher than Penang due it is nearer to the Thai border? Anyway, as you all know I love to drink teh tarik panas and I know what is the usual price. After we finished our drinks we then called for billing. We have signalled someone to come over to our table. However, we waited for 10 mins and there was still no one to come to us. We were planing to leave without paying, but we are civilized persons so I decided to go to the counter and ask for assistance to bill for our drinks. Surprisingly, the owner’s buttocks were so heavy and she couldn’t be bothered to stand up to bill us even though we had 20 over orders. We asked her to get another assistant to count for the bill at our table but she still refused and requested for DIY service by queueing up at her counter for payment.

Ok, we have not come to the worst part yet. My normal teh tarik at this coffee shop cost me RM1.80!!! WTF, I have ordered teh tarik gerai (large) back in Penang and the most expensive was only RM1.20 while normal teh tarik would cost for RM0.90 – RM1.00. But in Kuala Perlis the price is so different. Nevermind, since there was no price listing anywhere on the shop I blamed myself for not asking for the price before ordering, so I need to pay for the price. This time I paid her RM2 and she asked me ‘no small change ah?’, and she showed me her drawer which only had 50sen lying around not even a 10/20sen in there.

I’m not originally from Perlis so I’m not sure about the price of food there. Can anyone of you who travels a lot or originally from Perlis could give me some comments about this?

2 thoughts on “Kuala Perlis – RM1.80 for a cup of Teh Tarik”

  1. In US starbuck cost between 2.00 to 3.50 $US . So, RM 1.80 for a cup of coffee sound good to me. But still have to depend on the stardard of living there. Don’t your have department agent to control pricing ?

  2. Steven,
    did you go to the famous laksa perlis shop(opens daytime only)?
    Should try find Laksa Perlis Kak Su & another one Laksa Perlis shop which i cannot remember its name.
    Sometimes, i’ll just drive from penang to go and eat there & come home. lol.
    Just suggesting.

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