Sin Kek Seng – Another Wonderful Duck Rice


Finally I have managed to locate the place recommended by some readers of another delicious duck rice stall in Penang. Thanks to Rayner who has given me a great feedback on my previous post. The stall is located at a coffee shop called Sin Kek Seng, it’s not called Kek Seng, as Kek Seng is the one located in town area instead.

The easiest way to go to this shop is if you are using Jalan Yap Chor Yee from Greenlane, watch out for the Wall with “Taman Lip Sin” sign. You will soon to see a left junction there. Do not turn to that junction, drive further until you see a traffic light in front of you with another left turn. This time you can see a row of shop houses opposite the junction and Vistana Hotel is just beside the shop houses. After turning left, drive further until another T junction. This time turn left, and you will soon pass “Yee Hong” Food court on your right. Move further you will realize there is a coffee shop on your right as well and the name is “Sin Kek Seng” at Taman Lip Sin Apartment. Wikimapia link shown as below:

Basically, the name of the stall is the same (in chinese character) as the one I introduced on Taman Lip Sin – Wonderful Duck Rice. I am not sure whether they are from the same branch or owner. Anyway, there are some differences between these 2 stalls. 

Sin Kek Seng

Leng Nia
Meat in bigger portion where you can feel the tastiness of the duck meat Sliced duck meat in smaller pieces
There is some jelly in between the meat and the skin that makes the duck meat softer to swallow. Skin of the duck is more crispy
RM4.00 per plate, but bigger portion given  RM3.00 per plate, good for ladies who wanted to keep fit
Chai Boi soup is not that tasty Chai Boi soup is the main attraction

Editor’s Review (5 Stars Rank):

Food Presentation

2 thoughts on “Sin Kek Seng – Another Wonderful Duck Rice”

  1. After few months of going back and forth between Leng Nia Kopitiam (Taman Lip Sin) and Sin Kek Seng Kopitiam, I still find the Duck Rice at Leng Nia to be better than the latter. Although the serving portion at Leng Nia is still little but the skin is crunchy. Sorry to say that but Sin Kek Seng only left us a good impression during our 1st visit, but after few more times we find that the roasted duck skin to be “thick” and “fatty”.

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