Bukit Jambul – Tomyam Salted Fish Fried Rice

Opposite the Bukit Jambul complex is a coffee shop called Kedai Kopi BJ Unity.

It reminds me of a Union Coffee Shop in Kepala Batas owned by KarHneg’s dad. Those were the days when LT Chan and I used to crawl from Island Glades over a hill to Air Itam and from there took a bus to Jetty, then to Butterworth by ferry and bus again to Kepala Batas. We would then have a mug of Lychee drink at KarHneg’s coffee shop then headed all the way back to Penang again. Couldn’t imagine I had so much free time back then.

Anyway, back to the main topic. The introduction food for today is a fried rice stall in this Kedai Kopi BJ Unity which specializes in a variety of fried rice: Belacan fried rice, Pattaya fried rice, Pineapple fried rice and etc. The most recommended fried rice here is “Tomyum Salted Fish Fried Rice”.

The name sounds complex but the food is marvellous. It has a mixture of Thai hot tomyam taste and Chinese traditional salted fish flavour. You get double bonus.  The price is also affordable at RM2.80 per plate.

However, when I tried this fried rice, there was some slight imperfection on the taste as the tomyam paste was not too well spread on the rice. Some of the rice had too much of tomyum paste, it could be due to the stall owner has to cope with its high demand at that time. Overall, I still give a thumbs up to this stall for the taste and fast service.

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