Introducing Penang Famous Food, Peanut Barley Candy (Part 10) – With Travor James n Tripvid


Peanut Barley Candy is an old school snack which is not that common nowadays. The peanut barley candy is made of some crushed peanuts, sugar and some vegetable oil. A lot of younger generation kids do not know the original name of this snack. The correct name of this candy is actually known as “ark am” 鸭颈 (literally translated as duck neck) due to the shape of the candy resembles a duck’s neck. It is also commonly known as “Gong Theng” in Hokkien. The candy is crunchy and sweet on the inside and wrapped with a thin layer of soft and savory popiah skin, all of these are handmade locally in Penang Chowrasta Market.

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