Fonterra Anchor Say Cheese Product Launch

As we know Fonterra is famous for its dairy products, one of it is Anchor butter. The butter is found in almost every supermarket in Malaysia. But do you know that they have Anchor Cream Cheese too? Recently, Frontera has launched its second phase of Anchor Say Cheese campaign which introduces an exclusive assortment of Anchor-branded desserts, a first of its kind in market. Together with its selected bakery partners, Fonterra continues to delight customers with limited-edition desserts created by Fonterra’s own in-house patisserie chefs using top quality real butter, cream cheese, milk and cream from its highly popular Anchor range.

Another thing to be emphasize is all the dairy products from Fonterra are freshly imported from New Zeland where there will not be any artificial processes nor preservatives added to the products. Anchor’s signature creations are available from now until December 2016 and the partners include Bread History in Penang, The Bakers Hut in Seri Manjung, Born n Breads in Ipoh, Patisfrance and Yeast Pastry in Malacca, Veluxe Cake House in Skudai, Fung Seng in Muar, Port View Euro Bread in Kota Kinabalu, Taka in Kuching and Hot Cross Bun in Miri.


Among the Chef’s Signature Series using Anchor products are:

First Love – RM3.20  The pastry which has been coated with brown sugar. The filling consists of cream cheese with a hint of lemon zest and brown sugar which is exclusively from Anchor’s chef secret recipe. This is one of my favorites. The cream cheese which has been mixed with brown sugar and lemon zest balances up the richness of the cheese while the fragrant and slightly sourish of the lemon zest has made the cheese more appetizing. The addition of brown sugar is also not as sweet as it sounds.


The brown sugar covering the outer part gives a slightly crunchy texture while the inner part of the rich and creamy cream cheese is soft. The combination is simple yet it is so satisfying, just like the feeling of First Love.


Lady Marmalade – RM3.20. Soft bun topped with orange marmalade slices and incorporated with Anchor cream cheese filling. The cream cheese has been mixed with orange zest instead.


The taste of the soft bun is covered with caramelized orange and is stuffed with rich and aromatic cream cheese. It gives a balanced taste of rich and appetizing.


Almond Rosa -RM6.50. Almond and butter cake sandwiched with cream cheese. A nutty and butter sponge cake with rich layer of Anchor cream cheese.


The almond taste is very mild as fresh almonds are being used. This is one of the cake varieties made with Anchor cream cheese. It is more rich and heavy in taste versus the light and fluffy buns above.


Cheeznie Brownie – RM6.50, Chocolate Brownie with cream cheese and walnuts.


The way of preparation is almost the same as Almond Rosa, the only difference is that the cake has been stuffed with crushed walnuts, thus having a more nutty texture.


Overall, this is a great way to enjoy Anchor cream cheese by incorporating it into a series of breads and pastries. The cream cheese has a stronger milky taste and it is more commonly acceptable by locals. The series of Anchor Say Cheese products is available in many bakeries throughout Malaysia.

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Anchor’s signature creations are available from now until December 2016 and the partners include:

  • Bread History in Penang
  • The Bakers Hut in Seri Manjung
  • Born n Breads in Ipoh
  • Patisfrance and Yeast Pastry in Malacca
  • Veluxe Cake House in Skudai, Fung Seng in Muar
  • Port View Euro Bread in Kota Kinabalu
  • Taka in Kuching
  • Hot Cross Bun in Miri.



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