Farquhar Mansion, Lebuh Farquhar – The Prestigious Fine Dining Restaurant

Prestige is the only word that I can think of to describe Farquhar Mansion (http://www.farquharmansion.com). The mansion is aiming at providing a classy ambience to its customers. The food here is prepared using high quality ingredients and with full of passion. The servers are attentive and trained well to provide top-notch service to the customers.


Located at the center of Georgetown and directly opposite of E&O Hotel, Farquhar Mansion stood out elegantly at night.


Once you feel you are ready to be all sophisticated and stylish, you are ready to enter the mansion. Just like other fine-dining mansions, the interior is posh and classy. Most of the mansion’s structure had been restored except for the flooring as it is still in good condition.


Most of the tables are catered for couples except for a few tables which can cater for more than 2 persons. This is to give diners more privacy and a comfortable dining experience.


There are also private rooms for members which are located at the top floor of the mansion.


The private lounge for members to gather and appreciate the live band’s performance at night.


Each private room has a unique theme.


One of the great options available at Farquhar Mansion is the Chef’s Tasting Menu. It is a set dinner with a few main courses to choose from:


The Pre-Starter:

Amuse Bouchee:

  • Potato | Cream | Black Olive
  • Salmon Skin | Ebiko | Micro Greens
  • Cod Ball | Bearnaise | Potato Noodle

This starter looked very “earthly” and it felt like bringing us back to nature. The sequence of enjoying this pre-starter is to start from right to left. The chef had creatively presented this starter to let the guests had the feeling of eating plants and soil (pun not intended). The “soil” was made from edible crumbled charcoal and ginger and honestly it was delicious and full of bite texture. The “plants” on the other hand consisted of potato, salmon skin and cod ball. All the items including the soil are edible.



Mushroom Terroir

Portobello | Onion | Asparagus | Mushroom Soil | Truffle Oil

The truffle oil is the highlight of this dish, the portion might be little but it managed to implant a significant truffle aroma to the dish. Topping on it were asparagus and cheese-baked portobello mushroom. This was the first part of the exclusive starter.


Foie Gras Flavour

Apple Chutney | Foie Gras Foam | Berries Brioche | Port Wine Emulsion, which was the 2nd part of the exclusive starter.

The preparation of Foie Gras was made into foam-like texture which melted in the mouth. It was perfectly grilled while retaining its soft texture. The golden brown exterior gave an aromatic taste while the inner portion was still soft. Serving together with it were apple chutney and berries brioche to offset the rich-taste foie gras.


Broccoli Espuma

Air Dried Leek | Oyster | Bechamel

The cream of broccoli soup may not be too appealing to some but the soup tasted rich, creamy and smooth. It was more like a comfort food with an addition of oyster and air-dried leek to boost up its taste and texture.


The homemade breads included olive ciabatta and foccasia which were served while they were warm. To pair with the breads there were 3 homemade butters which included the classical salted butter, sun dried cherry tomato butter and herbs butter.


Palate Cleanser:

Homemade Lychee Caneta as the palate cleanser. It was made from lemon juice and wolfberries. It tasted sourish and sweet and was very refreshing.


The Main Course Options:

Half-Grilled Trout

Summer Vege | Potato | Quail Egg | Soy Glazed | Ikura  – RM228


Amaki Tuna

Croquette Potato | Cherry Relish | Hollandaise | Butter Vege – RM228


Chilean Cod
Lentils | Potato | Sweet Pea | Chive | Yuzu – RM258


Premier Australian Lamb Rack
Ravioli | Roasted Beet Root | Chutney | Sweet Pea | Lamb Jus – RM258

Duck Texture
Glazed Duck Breast | Filo Duck Rillettes | Duck Confit | Summer Vege – RM228

One of the mains that we had was the Duck Texture. The texture of the duck confit and duck breast was tender and juicy. Serving together with the dish was also a piece of filo duck rillette (like Chinese siu pau with shredded duck meat) and some summer vege.


Black Angus Tenderloin
Beef Cheek Ravioli | Potato Cream | Onion Jam | Asparagus | Beef Jus – RM288

We also had the Black Angus Tenderloin as our second main. Those who know me well would know that I would determine the standard of a restaurant by judging from the way the steak is cooked. To cook a perfect steak, the chef needs to control the fire very well. The steak at Farquhar Mansion did not fail me. I really love the tenderness of the dish and the red wine sauce paired very well with the medium-rare steak.


Cheese Platter

Cheeses | Grapes | Apricot | Fig Jam

The pre-dessert consisted of a cheese platter. Brie cheese and onion chive cheese were served in this plate together with some grapes, apricot and fig preserve. The cheeses paired well with the thinly-sliced and crispy focaccia bread and refreshing fruits.


Mango Coconut Cheese Cake | Mango Compote | Mango Sorbet | Panna Cotta.

The ultimate mango dessert for mango lovers. Most of the items in this dessert plate were made from mango. From the rich and aromatic mango coconut cheese cake and the delightful mango compote, to the mouth-watering mango sorbet and smooth mango-flavoured panna cotta. It might not sound too fancy but it is my favourite kind of dessert due to my love for mangoes.


Overall, this place has everything a fine-dining restaurant should have. The only difference here is kids are not banned from this mansion which is a plus point for families with kids unlike other fine-dining restaurants. The dishes were great although most of the names sounded foreign to me. Parking is not a concern at all as there are private parking slots for diners and members. Since this place serves fine foods, the price of the food is high. For myself, I will only dine here when there is a special occasion.

Editor’s Review (5 Stars Rank):

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Food Presentation

Quick Facts:

Family Friendly
Pork Free
Credit Card
Private Room
WIFI Available
Operation hours: 12 pm – 3 pm; 6 pm – 12 am (last order for restaurant dishes at 10 pm). Opens Daily.
Contact: 019- 528 8933
Address:  No. 33, Lebuh Farquhar, 10200, Georgetown, Penang.
GPS: 5.423333, 100.334156


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