Inexpensive and Cozy Dining @ The Sun Restaurant, Macalister Road

Some one asked me last week whether I know where is The Sun. I replied, The Sun newspaper that I read everyday? Some more that person replied “No, the Sun is just beside Guang Ming Yit Poh”(Guang Ming Daily Press). Again, I replied “Ya I know both of them are newspapers and I also read Guang Ming occasionally.” Then that person shot me back, “The Sun also you don’t know, some more claim yourself as a food blogger.” Gosh! I hate it when some one said like that to me. In that case, don’t ask me for food direction next time?

Anyway, back to the main topic. The restaurant which I am going to introduce this round is located at Macalister Road. If you are driving from Komtar to Pulau Tikus via Macalister Road you will see Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Centre on your left.

The Sun, Spring Chamber is located inside Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Center. To be exact it is just beside the main hall.

The big signboard on top of this restaurant is known as @ The Sun. However the entrance signboard says Spring Chamber. Therefore, I am not sure which is the name for this restaurant.

Once we entered the restaurant, it welcomes you with its east meets west decoration. The ornaments were still very reddish and there were Chinese New Year songs playing throughout the dining time.

Other than the oriental style deco, the layout of the table is very Western style.

The welcome drinks were served once our order had been placed. The drink was a combination of Sarsi + 7up with no alcohol content at all. The taste was kinda sweet and it might not be suitable for those who dislike sweet.

The Set Dinner at this place was very reasonable and delicious. For couples looking for a quiet environment while enjoying fine dining, this is the place to be where the set dinners are priced at RM38 Nett (inclusive tax) per set.

Below are the options for set dinners:

Starter option:

  1. Wasabi Mayo Tempura Prawn with Mesclun or
  2. Soup of The Day

The prawns were coated with flour and deep-fried. They were then served with cherry tomatoes and topped with wasabi mayo sauce and also thousand island sauce. The taste was appetizing.

The soup of the day was creamy mushroom soup. The mushrooms were chopped into fine pieces and cooked together with pinch of chopped rosemary. The fragrance of rosemay was not too overwhelming while you could still taste the mushrooms.

The main course options:

  1. Grilled rib-eye tarragon demi glazed served with mashed potato or
  2. Pan fried salmon Kikkoman cream served with boiled potato or
  3. Grilled chicken oriental barbecue sauce served with potato wedges

As for the main course, I tried 2 of them. The one below is the Pan Fried Salmon Kikkoman Cream. What makes this dish special is the sauce. It contains cheesy flavor, and yet not too rich which is quite unique for a salmon steak sauce. The salmon was also very fresh.

Besides Salmon, the Grilled Rib-Eye Tarragon Demi Glazed served with mashed potato was also delicious. The rib-eye steak cooked in medium rare served with custom mix sauce which has some similarity to brown sauce was excellent. The meat almost melted in your mouth as you chewed. The steak here is one of the must try in town other than The Ship.

Dessert Options:

  1. Carrot Walnut Cake or
  2. Chocolate Brownies Cake

This was a very rich and creamy cake. If you feel not enough after the main course, this is the best option to finish off your meal. It was full with chocolate flavor.

Carrot Walnut Cake actually contained both carrot and walnut. The taste of carrot was not very obvious and you can feel the crunchiness of walnut. For those who prefer a less-rich cake, this is a better option.

The finishing of a set meal with coffee or tea is the norm for every restaurant, including The Sun. I couldn’t complain much as I’m a coffee-lover. 🙂

Now let’s take a look at the other side of the restaurant. There was an open-air dining area linking to the main hall. This place in Chinese is called “Xiao Lan Ting”, translated as “Small Dixx Square” in English.

The corridor to the washroom is full with old time posters.

This is the beer poster. I wonder how did the “Tiger” poster look like at that time?

Toilet for gentlemen…

Toilet for the ladies…

Very unique place for guy to pee, the antique urine bowl…

Outstanding basin…

Overall, the place is cosy. The food is nice and the price is reasonable. I can’t find a reason not to return to this place.

Editor’s Review (5 Stars Rank):

Food Presentation

Quick Facts:

Family Friendly
Pork Free
Credit Card
Private Room

Operation hours: 10:00am – 10:00pm (Close on Monday and Public Holidays)
Contact: 04-226 5181 (Mr. Ooi)
Address: Sun Yat-Sen Centre, 65 Macalister Road, 10400 Penang.

11 thoughts on “Inexpensive and Cozy Dining @ The Sun Restaurant, Macalister Road”

  1. Cariso, ya the set lunch is nice too

    NKOTB, I didn’t know is that bad, but my experience is very nice.

    Jason, really ah? wanna go and interview him dee.

    Happy happy, you are most welcome

  2. Was there in Nov with family. There were 9 of us. We already had dinner @ Lrg Selamat but wanted to go somewhere to chat and have dessert. Some of these family members I had not seen for more than 10years, so asked “The Sun” if we could just have coffee and dessert. The waiter at the door said no! We were stymied! The place was not packed and we were 9 paying customers! We asked to see the manager. Of course he said yes!! He did ask for a few minutes to set up a long table for us. We did tell him that that particular waiter sure knows how to drive customers away.
    We had a grand time, desserts were great, good service(even from that waiter), great ambience and quite reasonable.

  3. Chris, I think the waiter that you mentioned is a foreigner right? I think they should teach them on the service manner? Anyway, I love the coffee and dessert there

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