Ho Town, Kulim @ Delicious Chai Kuih In Town

Latest Update:

This place is closed down already and now runned by Nasi Ayam Periuk Besar

I still remember the last trip when I visited Kulim, my customer brought me to a place with a similar name as Old Town. When he told me that “We have Ho Town in Kulim now”, I simply replied “I know” and after he brought me to this place it is not the usual Old Town but is Ho Town instead.

To locate Ho Town is not very difficult. If you are exiting from BKE and heading to Kulim High Tech Park, take the exit to Lunas and turn right to Jalan Lunas. Keep driving for about 30 metres and watch out for Ho Town which is on your left.

Ho Town is a place to get away from the hassle city. Although this place has the similarity of some of the franchisee style restaurant, they still have their own unique selling point.

They have the Hainanese-style coffee and the aroma was very thick. Coffee, Hot – RM1.80. Coffee, Ice – RM2.00. For those who prefer cold drinks, Mango Ice Blended – RM3.20 would be a refreshing drink to have.

One of their specialties here is chai kuih. It is one of the place in Kulim which sells fantastic chai kuih. There are 2 types of chai kuih, pan-fried type and also steamed type. Pricing as below:

  • Chai Kuih (Steamed), 3 pcs – RM2.00
  • Chai Kuih (Steamed), 5 pcs – RM3.20
  • Chai Kuih (Pan-Fried), 3 pcs – RM2.20
  • Chai Kuih (Pan-Fried), 5 pcs – RM3.50

You can opt for ku chai or fried bang kuang as the filling of your chai kuih.

The pan-fried type of chai kuih was very unique as the chai kuih that we had outside mostly are steamed type. This chai kuih had the crunchiness outside, while soft and hot in the inside. With the dip of chili sauce, it was such a perfect combination.

For those that still prefer the regular chai kuih rather than the creative new way of pan-fried chai kuih, the traditional type of chai kuih was also very good as the soft and tenderness of the skin made this dish a signature dish in here.

Besides chai kuih, they served spring roll (3 pcs) – RM2.90. Crunchy, hot and spicy were what I could describe when placed in to my mouth.

Overall, this is a great place for snack with great chai kuih and spring roll. It is an excellent getaway to be for tea time, with free  WIFI access.

Editor’s Review (5 Stars Rank):

Food Presentation

Quick Facts:

Family Friendly
Pork Free
Credit Card
Private Room

Operation hours: 9:00am – 10:00pm (daily)
Contact: 04-484 1010
Address:No. 295, Jalan Mewah 8, Taman Mewah, Lunas, Kedah, Lunas
09600 Kedah

19 thoughts on “Ho Town, Kulim @ Delicious Chai Kuih In Town”

  1. Hi Steven,just for yr info in BW Chai Leng Park (nearby Sunway Seberang Jaya) just opened a very unic Cafe cum restaurant serving truly Western Food . The place is really chic with a truly Balinese Style design n food was great. The place is called Smel’s Cafe, check on Facebook for more detail. I forgot to take their name card.

  2. Hai,

    Where is the new Ho Town, Kulim @ Delicious Chai Kuih In Town located? What the new address?

    Please reply.

  3. Hai,

    Where is the new Ho Town, Kulim @ Delicious Chai Kuih In Town located? What is the new address? Is it tel. no. 04-4841010

    Please reply.

  4. Actually, I love there; the environment. There have car wai table, peace, car park ok, peace also the food….. I did heard they change located as the staff told me. I don’t know where may nearby. Does anyone know or it ready close down..? Is there any suggestion of “Ha Chak” place or nearby?

  5. Permit me to make a verification about the location of Ho Town..it’s Lunas not Kulim.Upon the exit of BKE toll u will come to a traffic light if u turn right u need to drive for about 2 km (after the 5 th traffic light)u will reach kulim terriotory.Regarding Ho Town,the owner decided to close down n opened a new eating place with nice landscape called TAMAN KU..which is just next to HO TOWN.He sold western food there.However,few months back he opted out n now renovating another place which is a short distance frm Taman KU.Tq

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