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The number of Penangites taking beef is very less. Partially due to the restriction of certain religions. I was told by a senior person that if you are a follower of Goddess of Mercy, your prayers will not be answered if you consume beef. I am the one of the followers, but still beef is one of my favorite meat especially when they are cooked in  medium rare. No wonder my prayers were not answered when I am asking to be a millionaire.

Though there are many restrictions to beef, there is one good place for beef lovers. In fact, this place serves variety of beef in different dishes and style. The name of this shop is called “Kang Beef House”. It is located at Perak Lane. If you are driving from Penang Bridge to town via Jalan Tan Sri Teh Ewe Lim, you will come to a junction which will turn left to Perak Road and right to Jalan Jelutong. Take the left turning where you will see the Police station is on your left. Keep driving for another 20 metres and you will see Kang Beef House on your right.

Kang Beef House is located within the town area. It is very easy to be spotted if you are driving via Jalan Jelutong. However, finding a parking space will be a challenge for those who visited this place during dinner time.

Mr. Kang was busy preparing the beef dishes. This beefy business has been passed down from grandfather to father. They were known as the beef specialists.

Crystal Beef Fried Rice (+ Meat Ball Soup) – RM12.80. You might think that this is a very normal fried rice with some slices of beef and some chili and veggie as garnish. However, this is not what you think. There is some meaning for the crystal. The fried rice had the texture of crunchiness rather than the usual rice texture. I have the feeling that the crunchiness of rice is either deep fried rice or dried rice.

Black Pepper Beef – RM15.00 (S), RM28.00 (B), the beef had been sliced into pieces and were fried with black pepper sauce. The tenderness of the meat was soft and the black pepper was not too overwhelming. Although to some the starch might not be enough, but to me the taste was just find and it was delicious.

Crispy Beef Ball (6pcs) – RM4.80. It was quite unique that the meat balls were covered with croutons and flour and then brought to deep fried. Dipping the beef balls with their home made chili sauce was very delightful.

Beef Koay Teow – RM6, 8, 10, 12, 15 is one of the koay teow soup which had a mixture of various beef parts like beef slices, meat balls and some intestines. The bowl shown below was the largest bowl. You can always order for smaller one if you think you couldn’t finish it.

For those that don’t eat beef, there is always other option for you to try out. The Dry Fried Hor Fun Kosong is one of it. There was no pricing available for this dish as they  seldom provide this unless requested. This was a purely vegetarian dish. The Hor Fun was fried with mushrooms and bean curd.

Other than all the dishes above the one which is the most famous here is the Beef Steamboat – RM20.oo each person. The soup base of the steamboat was boiled with radish and preserved vegetable. The taste was slightly sour and salty. It was very suitable to be cooked with red meat.

The ingredients for the steamboat include:

Tenderloin, one of my favorites. Texture was soft and tender, tasted great when dipped in the hot steamboat.

Raw Meat

Beef Intestines

Beef Tripes


Beef Balls

Beef Ribs

Enoki Mushrooms

The preparation of steamboat is very simple. First make sure the water is boiled and then place all the meat inside the hot pot and wait for it to be cooked.

For those who do not want their beef slices to be overcooked, use your chopsticks to dip the meat into the pot for 30 seconds.

Steve Kang, one of the marketers for Kang Beef House. Special thanks for his arrangement of this review.

Overall, the food here is nice and the service is great. This place is specially dedicated to beef lovers. However, the price of the beef is a bit pricey compared to pork and parking is a constraint for patrons.

Editor’s Review (5 Stars Rank):

Food Presentation

Quick Facts:

Family Friendly
Pork Free
Credit Card
Private Room

Operation hours: 12:00pm – 2:30pm; 4:30pm – 10:00pm (Close on Tuesday)
Contact: 04-2810892
Address:474, Jalan Jelutong, 11600 Penang.

13 thoughts on “Kang Beef House, Jelutong – Variety Of Beef Supplies”

  1. We’ll have to try this place as the way they cook is new to me.
    A very different approach for a beef and steak lover like myself. I’m more used to a tender roastbeef, a grilled 1 inch thick filet mignon or big Chateaubriand (T-bone) chunks with homemade black pepper sauce or green pepper cream sauce and (noblesse oblige) belgian fries, fried till crisp.

  2. Jay-p, ya is very different from the oriental and also the western style, come back and will bring you try this out

    Cariso, now is getting cooler dee.

    NKOTB, not all people understand 1 🙂

    Rebecca, when wanna come to penang, will bring you there lah.

  3. Just went to try this place during lunch time. Food is not too bad but the soup is quite watery as compared to the stall near Beach Street. The meat balls are better and there are different choices of soup, clear or herbal. Did not see the fried rice as maybe that is during dinner time. Overall a good place. Only thing about this blog write up is the directions. They are incorrect as the place is not near Perak Lane at all. It is located in between Jalan Jelutong and start of the Jalan Perak. The direction from the bridge and past Bukit Dumbar, past Jelutong Market and you can turn left to Jalan Teh Ewe Lim (Batu Lancang as it was called in the past) or keep slight left to go into Jalan Perak, the shop is on the right side then. From Jalan Teh Ewe Lim is pass the police station and turn left. From town, the best would be to use Jalan Perak all the way to the end till you hit the no entry sign where the shop is on the left side. Hope you will update the directions. The shop actually has entrance on Jalan Jelutong and Jalan Perak. The best to get parking is on Jalan Perak side.

  4. Went there last Saturday with my family and ordered the set which is RM 20 per person and we have 3 ppl, but the beef slice as shown in your picture is totally different from us.The beef came in stripe form instead of slice and the soup was too watery to my taste.I still prefer the Kham Kee beef steamboat.

  5. Hi Jessie, I do agree that the soup is a bit watery, however, it is very depending on the individual person. For Kham Kee, I will drop by and try out. 🙂

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