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It is coming to another year of the “Nine Emperor Gods Festival”. Most of the years during this season, I will introduce some nice places to dine at. Last few years I introduced some places such as Vegetarian Stall, Island Park – Simple and Affordable and also Varieties Of Vegetable Food @ Lip Sin Garden. This year, I shall introduce you to Malaysia’s No.1 Wholesome Dining Chain which is none other than Idealite.

The newly opened branch at E-Gate, Penang boasts a sparkling new interior with brightly lit dining area. It has a warm and cozy environment which is very welcoming.


It has a mixture of both modern and heritage design which truly represents the culture of Penang.


Having vegetarian meal does not equate to being boring and uncool. At Idealite, we can enjoy vegetarian food in a stylish environment and in a creative way without compromising the taste and health benefits. As what Idealite says, ‘Vegetarianism is not a sacrifice. It is a joy.’ This slogan suits my lifestyle perfectly. I prefer to be a herbivore then a carnivore.


To cater for the upcoming ‘Nine Emperor Gods’ Festival’ event, Idealite has come out with a new menu which is eggs-free, garlic-free, onions-free and dairy-free. This is in line with their MSG-free and preservatives-free concept.

九皇大帝庆典特备 Expand penang cs3-01

墨西哥香烤焗饭 Mexican Baked Brown Rice Casserole – RM16.70, the brown rice was baked with some mixed beans, mushrooms, carrots and topped with oat cream.


The combination of the brown rice mixed well with the rest of the ingredients especially when eating with the oat cream together. The is one of the dishes that I would come back for.


马萨拉风味咖喱拌饭 Signature Masala Curry Rice – RM15.70, the curry was cooked in masala style together with carrot, tomatoes, long beans and mushroom. It was then served with brown rice , papadum, broccoli and cauliflower.


The aroma of the masala curry was very nice while the spiciness level was also on the high side. This dish is catered to spicy food lovers.


马萨拉风味干咖喱拉面 Signature Masala Dry Curry Ramen – RM16.70, other than Masala Chicken Rice, there is also Masala Dry Curry Ramen. The ingredients of the curry are almost the same, the only difference is instead of serving with rice it is served with ramen.


Although the base of the curry is the same, I personally preferred the ramen which has a better bite-feel.


广式帝王炸生面 Cantonese Style Emperor Yee Mee – RM16.70, the ramen was deep friend until it became like the Cantonese Yee Mee, then stirred together with mushrooms, carrots, cabbages and lettuces. It was then covered with starchy gravy and sprinkled with some wolf berries.


One thing that attracts me about this dish is the gravy. The gravy had been boiled for hours with radish, cabbage and other veggie to make the taste complete and another plus point is the gravy was not too salty but packed with natural sweetness.


意式青酱批萨 Italiannies Spinach Pizza – RM19.70, the mashed spinach was spread around the pizza as the topping base, then topped with cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, cashew nuts, capsicums. Lastly, it was topped with some oat cream and coriander.


This is a very unique and delicious pizza. I believe a lot of kids will love this pizza. Somemore the pizza crust was made into a water-drop shape instead of the usual round shape.


香料番茄批萨 Prosperity Tomato Jumble Pizza – RM18.70, the pizza was topped with usual tomato base, then covered with cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, capsicums and topped with some long beans and some Thai basil leaves.


The taste of this pizza was just like any regular pizzas. I personally preferred the Spinach pizza due to the unique combination of the sauces and also the bite texture of the pizza.


金童芋女Triple-decker Pumpkin Taro Cake – RM6.70, this 3-layered cake was topped with mung bean flour, then puréed pumpkin at the center layer and lastly puréed yam at the base then brought to steam. It was then sprinkled with pumpkin floss to complete this triple-decker cake.


Different layers of this cake gave different feeling of texture and flavour. It was indeed a very delightful dish.


黄金五香卷 Authentic Golden Five Spice Roll (3 pieces) – RM10.70, besides the usual five spices that was added to the spice rolls, Idealite’s version added a generous amount of mushrooms on top of the slices of yam inside the rolls.


This flavour reminds me of eating these type of five spices roll at the stall beside the Chinese Opera stage when I was young. However, this Idealite version is more healthy and aromatic.


From Ala Carte Menu:

舒食沙爹串  Idealite Satay – RM11.70, the skews of satays were made from the meaty Hericium erinaceus mushrooms. It was then served with chestnut sauce instead of the usual peanut sauce.


Craving for some meaty flavour and bite taste? This is one of the alternative dishes that you can order. Instead of peanut sauce, Idealite has replaced it with chestnut for better health and aroma.


自制罗加 Homemade Rojak – RM10.70, the mixture of cherry tomatoes, papayas, yam beans, cucumbers, and fried bean curd. It was served together with Idealite homemade rojak sauce.


The taste of the rojak sauce was very similar to the one selling by the roadside stalls. It was so similar that it made you feel like you were having the regular rojak.


NOTE: Prices shown are EXCLUDING of 6% Tax.

Free Dessert Promotion: To complete your meal you can always win yourself a free dessert by following the steps below:

Design Egate Free Dessert A5 Flyer cs3-01

The Guai Leng Gou was served together with honey, the picture below is for display purpose unless you are the VIP of Idealite. 🙂


Overall, the taste and quality of the food at Idealite are still very well maintained since the first time I reviewed their food. I like the creativeness of this place and the way they presented the food, which made vegetarian food more appealing and healthy. However, the price of this food is considered slightly on the high side. If the price could be reduced a bit it will be perfect.

Editor’s Review (5 Stars Rank):

Price (more stars, more reasonable)
Food Presentation

Quick Facts:

Family Friendly
Pork Free
Credit Card
Private Room (Private Area)
WIFI Available

Operation hours: 11:00am – 10:00pm (Daily)
Contact: 04-668 1243
Address: 1-01-05, Ground Floor, E-Gate, Lebuh Tunku Kudin 2, Gelugor, 11700 Penang.
GPS: 5.375789, 100.315444

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