Google Page Rank Refresh Again

I have just realised the google page rank has refreshed again recently. I remember the last time I wrote about Google Page Rank was back in January this year and the title is Google Refresh PR Status:

This week, Google has refreshed all the websites’ PR again. A few of the webpages were affected while some still remain the same. As for myself, I am quite happy as I have earned a PR4 for my webpage!

So far I have asked a few internet marketing gurus about the actual time Google does a review on all webpages’ PR status. However, their answers are uncertain. Now I can roughly estimate when the review is being done. From my last post about Google Page Rank until now is from Jan until April, means that Google will review once in every 3 months. So for those of you who want to score better PR, you need to start to work hard from now until July this year before the next review is conducted.

Some ups and down for the bloggers over the Page Rank.

Merdurian – Now in PR3, one of the good ways to get higher PR is don’t think how to gain PR with your blog and instead just write whatever which is relevent to your blog topic. Gain more external links by leaving comments at other people blogs.

BB Community – Great job done to bring back your PR, at least you stoppped writing about paid posts and now you have gained back a PR2. 

SlowCatchUpKuan –  Used to be at PR2 and now is in PR0, she got quality posts lately however still unable to get back her rank, not sure why unless she is willing to share with me what she has done to her blog or any coding added to her blog which pulled down her PR.

CheeChingy – Used to be PR2 also and now PR0, I think she is facing the same problem as SlowCatchUpKuan.

ChanLilian – The guru that teaches me on how to strive for higher PR still remains at PR4, not sure why? However according to her blog she has done something “notty” at the front page that’s why she is still stuck at 4. If I have the chance I would like to invite her out for an exclusive interview on how she earn her 5 figure income in blogging.

KennySia – Used to be in PR5 but now dropped to PR3, I think he doesn’t care much about page rank anymore as he is so famous now. Page Rank to him is just another cosmetic.

13 thoughts on “Google Page Rank Refresh Again”

  1. LOL i have no idea what happen to my blog. maybe becoz of the paid post… but i see alot of other blogs with paid post like bb also get back their PR… so sad i didn’t get it back. but it’s ok. i don’t mind. am working on a new blog with own domain.

  2. Actually, the PR disappeared for 2 days but returned again. Phew…but that is enough for me to dump TLA once and for all.

    I don’t expect to touch PR5 anymore ‘cos Google is very strict nowadays. From this PR review, I observed that Google like good contents and they seem to have human evaluation.

    For those whose PR is dead, my advice is to import some good post over to a new domain, delete off from the old blog and then, start again. I am doing that right now.

  3. wa, steven u got head got face hoh, able to invite 5xmom here for some talk, good good. Ei, 5xmom, let me write about u next time in my Blog of Famer ya~

    back to the point, walao eh, your blog now PR4 liao, cannot like that one, everytime win me, lu bo sien eh meh? haha~

  4. slowcatchupkuan, check out the master’s advise. Not said by me.

    Lilian, thanks for the advise. Btw, after you have stop paid posts, is there any other way for your to earn a living from internet? Google Adsense? I earn very less from there, is there any trick?

  5. bb community, not I got head got face lah. Is Lilian giving face. I think I saw her at Passion Of Kerala, Midden Height last month wanted to get autograph from her but scare later kacauing her quality time. Anyway, next time meeting her. I will make sure this time she sign my book with curry sauce.

  6. ya loh.. i agree with bb community. I don’t even realize that i have PR3 liow.. but ghost congratz you have pr4 on hehe

    lilian: if you transfer from old to new domain, then you have to do all the hardwork again right? don’t feel sien tiao ah?

  7. vipshop, seriously google does not provide the date and time for the PR refresh. Usually, I will make all the preparation possible before their web spider crow over my site.

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