Hungry Go Where Food Trail – Where The Eatery Adventure Began

HungryGoWhere is also known as HGW. The term HGW is already well known to most Singaporeans. Whenever they feel hungry or run out of idea where to get food, they will search for this website or use the mobile app to hunt for good food or better dining ideas. HGW is supported by SingTel Digital Media Pte. Ltd. (Singapore) which had made their grand entry into Malaysia by setting a new record of “The Longest Line of Nasi Lemak Bungkus” in the Guinness Book of World Records on 24 August 2013. After the well known Longest Line of Nasi Lemak Bungkus, now HGW came out with Penang Food Trail Event. This event consisted of HGW Malaysia mobile application users and bloggers. Those who were invited had the privilage to visit all the famous and best eateries in Penang.



The first stop of the trip was to try some delicious snacks located at Tan Jetty Fried Fritters. This stall is located away from the main road at the small lane of Tan Jetty.


The fritters were served fresh from time to time.


You could tell that the fritters are good just by the smell of them.


The 3 famous types of fritter here are Loh Bak (Pork Roll), Prawn Fritters and Bean Curd Fritters. Their homemade chili sauce consisted of blended red chilies, lime juice, sugar and salt and it is a perfect condiment to enhance the flavors.


The second stop for breakfast is on the same road just under the hidden government flat. I Mum Mum started off as a humble eatery. This is the original starter of I Mum Mum, now I Mum Mum has more then 3 branches in Penang. The specialties here is their Pan Mee.


Crispy Pork Pan Mee


Spicy Pan Mee


After breakfast we headed to Mainland Penang – Pulau Aman where the real adventure began. In order to go to Pulau Aman, we need to take a motorboat from Batu Musang Jetty. The ride usually takes approximately 10 minutes.


The Jetty of Pulau Aman.


Upon arrival to the island, we were directed to Restaurant Terapung Pulau Aman (Floating Restaurant of Pulau Aman).


The restaurant is well known for its seafood especially the prawns and mantis prawn. Unfortunately, this round we were out of luck to get the famous 12-inch mantis prawn as the catch of the sea really depends on the season and weather.


Mee Udang Goreng


Mee Udang Kuah


Nasi Goreng Udang


After back from Pulau Aman, our next destination was to Farlim Shell Station Laksa Cafe. They are famous for their assam laksa. Besides assam laksa there are other side dishes too.


Assam Laksa


Spring Rolls with Laksa Soup


See Koh Th’ng


Steamed Buns with BBQ Meat


Ice Kacang


After tea time, it was time for dinner. This time we headed to Zi Zai Restaurant. The signature dish here is their Poon Choi. The pot had been filled with 14 ingredients which consisted of meat (Nam Joo Pork Belly, Hainan Chicken, Roasted Duck) seafood (Abalone, Prawns, Hock Chew Fish Balls, Fish Maw, Sea Cucumber, Fish Fillet) and vegetables (Cabbages, Yam, Jicama, Broccoli, Chinese Mushroom). A single pot is catered for 10 – 12 pax. If the main pot is not enough for you, there are always side dishes that you can go for.


Poon Choi


Poon Choi Close Up


Deep Fried Belacan Chicken


Assam Prawns


Stir Fry Sambal Lala


Stir Fry Bean Sprouts with Salted Fish


Fry Yao Mak


The whole event was filled with lots of food and it was a very adventurous trip. This food trail was organized by HungryGoWhere Malaysia – Discover, Eat, Share today!

About HungryGoWhere Malaysia: You can download the HungryGoWhere Malaysia mobile app through IOS (version 5+) or Android (version 4.0+) or pay a visit to their website at

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