Have We Been Fooled By Our Government?

If you had read my previous posts about the indelible ink on last month, I already had the feeling that this idea will not work when they first plan to implement, don’t believe me, check my achieve out https://www.stevengoh.com/malaysia/717/

Fingers up Election Commission employees showing how the indelible ink will be applied. The special black ink will be used for the first time this coming general election. — ROHAIZAT MD DARUS / The Star

As for today news, the use of indelible ink on polling day has been scrapped after police received reports of a plan to “sabotage” on the election process in Perlis, Kedah and Kelantan. As for the report they claimed that some one had smuggled the ink into this country and target the rural area residents on using this ink, by doing so they only allow to vote.

So, where has our RM3 million (ink + implementation) gone to? Can we claim back the money or are we going to use back this unsecured and non practical way on the next 5 years election? Haven’t we thought of the consequences before following the foot steps of other countries? Even if this ‘sabotage’ case didn’t happened, what about the chemical side effect? Is this really tested out to be poison-free? If this ink cannot be used on Election day anymore, how about trade in all of these to the computer shops and make them become refill ink for printers?

Another thing is about our “Space Traveler”, I had blogged this on last December as well. https://www.stevengoh.com/article/burning-25-millions-into-space/

So, after burning RM 25 millions into space, what have we gained? Technology to build our own shuttle? Or be more realistic can we provide just a small part of the shuttle to US or China on their space mission? After coming back from the space can this reduce our petrol price or bring in more FDI (Foreign Direct Investments)? If this can really help us, we won’t need to “buy” investors any more.

6 thoughts on “Have We Been Fooled By Our Government?”

  1. buying investors? haha, i think KHOR did it in order to “maintain” Motorola lo, some ppl see it good, some ppl see it bad, very subjective. btw, i’m going to vote for opposition this time. I wish i can be back to my hometown successfully 2moro. Wish me luck ya! and of course, i’m here to ask all Steven’s readers to vote for opposition!

  2. You dare to say it out loud at the website, I don’t dare. Btw, from the way I write you roughly know who I will vote for. Just that I don’t want to stay in cell bar of no man island.

  3. Talk about the indelible ink, as a Malaysian we should THiNk will Government use this RM300mil indelible ink for other purpose like stamp/chop/seal ? OR suggest government to use all indelible ink just to dye all t-shirt to black color >

  4. vickie, cannot. If make it as seal later a child chop on his own face how? he will be black face for the month?

    chinggy, true loh. Furthermore every time they are giving us blank promise 1.

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